Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Non-productive day

I can't say I'm sorry I'm not working today. I needed a bit of rest, but now I'm going to really book it to make some kind of progress today in anything. There's some very nasty laundry that needs to be addressed and the crew is not keeping up with their weekly chores. The kids each have a job for a week that they're supposed to take care of, but if anyone were to take a tour of the house today, they'd be hard pressed to find the floor. Sigh.

It is COLD! This morning, after getting the kids off to school, I camped out on the couch in front of the TV, bundled up in sweats, long-sleeved shirt, another shirt, socks and comfy shoes, jacket with a hood to cover my cold head and a blanket. I spent several hours snoring. It was nice. I needed it.

Then, I ate irresponsibly and went off to the computer to play on Facebook, pogo.com and catch up on email.

I STILL have not received my study cards for GACE. I'm very unhappy about it. I may need to go to the bookstore and put out more money for a study guide, if they even still have it. Eeek!

I did wake up from my couch nap to watch The View. I put myself through that show simply to see how the "other side" is dealing with politics. Elizabeth, of course, holds her own for the Republicans, but she's rarely allowed to finish a point. Her frustration was palpable today. She said, "I decided that I'll just wear my shirt!" that said "AmeriCAIN". Cute shirt.

Yesterday, I heard a brilliant phrase from Rush Limbaugh's show to counteract the liberal attacks on Trickle-Down Economics. They bash it, saying it doesn't work -- look where it's gotten us -- Reagan was evil, blah, blah, blah. Rush says that liberals have Trickle-Up Poverty. That's exactly what it is! Trickle-Up Poverty!

Has anyone taken advantage of early voting yet?

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