Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm starting to get the whole facebook thing, I think. It's interesting and so accessible! I originally signed up to look at pictures that my brother had put up on his facebook. He's 10 years younger than I am, so that ought to give you a clue to the whole age thing as it relates to facebook. I sign up and it took weeks to start to figure it out. I got a few friends along the way. I finally decided it was safe enough for Keri Lynn to sign up, and she now has 55+ friends. Wow.

I subbed a six hour day today at the high school, working one-on-one with a special needs student. She'd been in Keva's class last year, so we had a lot to talk about. She wanted to know all about Keva and how she was doing, and she needed to be repeatedly assured that her regular TA would be back tomorrow!

In my last post, I wrote about my grade for my first test -- the one I thought I'd done so great at. An 84. Whoo-hoo. Stop the presses. Well, today, in the mail, I received a breakdown of my score:

Reading comprehension 100 (I was surprised I did so well here, because historically -- like in the SAT -- I've always done poorly)
Spelling 85 (I know which two words I got wrong)
Telephone Usage 50 (What!?!?)
Proofreading 94 (Thank you, Biola Chimes!)
Punctuation 80 (Thought I NAILED that, argh!)
Sentence Composition 55 (I seriously think the test writers are whacked out with that one!)
Alphabet Sorting 89 (I can't believe it wasn't a 100)
Numerical Sorting 100 (She can count!)
Grammar 100 (Told you I was a grammar geek!)

The mailer also informed me that most people score between 70 and 100, which means I did pretty average. Sigh.

Depending on what happens with the Home Depot job, I may or may not retest. It's free to retest if you don't count the gas, but I have to wait a month.

Speaking of gas, I filled up my van at $2.56 today. For weeks, Georgia was far above most of the country after the horrible hurricane spike we'd all suffered. We were paying over $4 up until a week or so ago. It wasn't quite so painful to fill up today. In fact, it's the first time I've filled the van tank all the way in months!

It's starting to get cold. I found our favorite tea on sale and bought up a few boxes in preparation for warmth! It was COLD overnight, but at least it warms up again during the day. I bundled up Keva for bed -- socks, something to cover her legs and arms -- in case she kicked off her blanket, but she didn't. She stayed all snug in her bed last night. So did I! I love the feel of being bundled up in a good blanket.

The cold has also inspired a flurry of crochet projects. There's nothing like scarves and slippers when it's cold! I made a really cute something for Ginny for her birthday that was on the 12th (better late than never!), and now I'm in the process of making something for Cheryl who drives both Keri Lynn and Kristofer to school with her every morning. Thank you, Cheryl! The plan is to get the scarf to you while it's still cold!

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Qtpies7 said...

Wow, I so don't want to take that test, lol! I probably would have scored well in high school, but now, probably not so much.

You still did good, though, so don't fret!