Thursday, October 16, 2008

I need another tag

I'm home today (no job) working on laundry, dishes, bills and the job hunt. Kelly, Keva's bus driver and my life mentor, recommended a job through Coweta County for a part-time deputy clerk. Good pay for nearly full-time hours AND her husband can put in a good word for me. Love those contacts! So I just finished filling out the application and I'm going to drive it over to the County office in downtown Newnan.

While I'm there, I'll try to see if I can fix my little vehicle tag problem. I originally paid for my tags ( for both of our cars) over the phone and waited for weeks for them to arrive. I finally drove over to the office and explained that the tags had never come, so they printed me up some new ones right then and there. I then dutifully brought them back, gave Keith his and put mine on the counter next to my purse.

Keith said to me, "At least keep the tag in the van until you get a chance to put it on, in case you get pulled over."

"Okay," I said, I put the tag, still attached to the registration paper, in the car, where it disappeared forever into the black hole that is my car.

So now, whenever I drive anywhere, I break out into a sweat when I see a policeman because I'm too lazy to go and fix the problem. I'm also worried that the tag people are going to be a little suspicious. "You need ANOTHER tag?!?"

Besides, putting a tag on a license plate is really a man's job. So it's KEITH's fault. : ) Tags, taking out the trash, lawn care -- all fall under Man Jobs. Yes, they do. Keith will sometimes throw me and prep dishes, make the bed, vacuum -- but usually that's when he's attempting to give me a little kick-start. Getting things done around the house has been one of the great benefits of my staying at home. But now that I'm not at home all of the time, housework has been undergoing an evolution. What is has evolved to is still undetermined.

By the way, if any of you happen to be on Facebook, you can find me there. I'll be your friend! Keri Lynn is on Facebook, too. I think I have about six friends and been on it for longer. She started hers a few weeks ago and has forty something friends. It's an interesting tool to get to know people. Technology is something else!


Holly said...

I looked for you on facebook but couldn't find you. Could you look for me? My name's not as common!

Jackie said...

That sounds like a good idea! I'd love to "be friends"!

Qtpies7 said...

Good luck on your job! I could see you doing that! I thought about doing it here, but it really wouldn't work for me. I'm a wimp.

I wasn't sure I even wanted to work, but I think I am going to love my new job. I am so glad it is so very part time! I hate being away from the little kids. I'm not sure how it will be when the kids have to go to a sitter all day... yikes! Right now the kids were home for MEA and next week Donnie is on vacation so he can watch them.

Jackie said...

Your job sounds perfect for you. I was so pleased to hear about it. I understand how hard it would be to be gone from your kids during the day, but maybe something unexpected will work out for that as well. We'll see!