Monday, December 31, 2007

Decorating the tree

Keith begins the stringing of the lights.
Konner investigates our tree topper -- the star interlaced with thorns -- I love the significance
Kylie wears her bulbs nicely!
Keva got her snowman pillow as a gift from her school. She absolutely loves it and carries it all around the house. I'm hoping the snowman will survive Kody.
The fun of decorating a tree makes even doing dishes fun!
Wait a minute, Kade, you're not the tree.
Blackmail . . .
. . . and more blackmail!
Konner carefully places his bulbs on the tree.
We have mostly red and gold bulbs, and then more ornamanets that we've collected since our move.
Hey, it's Rudolph!
The kids argued incessantly about the proper placement of the lights.
Kathleen: There are way too many red ones over here people! We do not put SIX red ones together!
Keri Lynn: The ugly plastic ones go on the other side of the tree.
Kade: But people will see the ugly ones from the deck!
Me: No one's going to be looking at our tree from the deck, Kade.
Kathleen: Who hung this one off of the lights? Use the branch!
Kristofer helping with the lights.
So pretty!

So pretty, again!
Another Rudolph!
And Donner or Blitzen!
And a pixie hiding in the trees
It's Kylie's turn to place the star this year.
Keith gets it straightened out and we all stand back to admire the tree. Ahhhhh!
Keri Lynn and Keva
Merry Christmas, everybody!


Qtpies7 said...

Fun, fun! I had mostly red and gold bulbs, but I had to take them off the tree after Sam literally took a bite out of one. I was too worried about him eating them.

Mary Blaustone said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. We had the very same star on our tree.


Jackie said...

Lisa, we had that trouble with Keva eating bulbs last year! Why, O why, do they love trying to kill themselves???

Mary, I do love that star! So pleased to have you visitng the blog!