Friday, December 07, 2007

It's COLD!

I had a little time before going to work today so I returned my book on tape (Yippee!), got my hair cut and bought another Target work outfit -- khakis and a red shirt, but this time with a white V-neck long sleeve shirt to go under it and keep me warmer on these cold days. It's only getting colder. Brrrrrr. Too cold for this California girl.

So, now that I'm stylin' with my new clothes and 'do, I'm feeling pretty spunky.

Kathleen has a friend from school over for the night. Kristofer just got back from dinner at a friend's house. Keri Lynn took off with Keith for some much-needed father/daughter time, and I'm waiting for dinner to finish up in the oven so that I can feed the rest of the starving minions. I'm just a cooking machine.

I only have about five hours to work tomorrow and that's it for the weekend. This is good, because the three big kids are all taking part in the Christmas music program tomorrow night and Sunday night. Kathleen's choir was practicing last night with the bell choir. It was really beautiful.

Since I don't go in until 11:00 tomorrow morning, I'm hoping to work out a little breakfast date out with my husband for our traditional Saturday morning get-together. We have always been able to go out together, but lately it's been a challenge with my new schedule. The kids are always glad to see me home, though, when Keith is in charge on the weekends. He gets them to do all kinds of chores around the house and yard.

I've also gotten back into a crochet fest. Unfortunately, I took up my crochet hook too late in the Christmas season to get a lot of gifts done for this year, but at least I'll be able to make a few hats for the bus driver and assistant and maybe for some of the teachers as thank you gifts. I've really been enjoying taking up crochet again because I can make all kinds of stuff that's not just a fashion statement like it is in California. Here in Georgia, you actually NEED a scarf and hat and slippers! Did I mention that it's COOOOOOLD!

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Qtpies7 said...

Where's the pic of the new 'do?
I wanted to get a new do yesterday, but didn't. I'm thinking of being bold and dying my hair red, red, not auburn, you know, for Christmas and all, lol. Must be a mid-life crisis thing, huh?

The kids don't have fevers right now. Trinity can't wake up, she's been asleep for 4 hours this afternoon. Poor thing! I don't do immunizations, but I guess the kids will need to start them when they move out. Or just keep trusting God.