Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Drama at the library

The Nice Librarian was at the library when I arrived yesterday with my book on tape still missing the two cassettes. The first librarian was there to take the material as I explained to her that I had ONE more place to look, but could I check in my book on tape so that I wouldn't incur any more fines. And could I possibly check out other material while I was there?

Because I like to live life on the edge, you know.

She said, "Do you want to talk to Ms. Mean Librarian and Head of Circulation?" (You understand that here she used her real name)."

But I adamantly shook my head. No way was I going to put my head on the chopping block. Thank you very much.

That's when The Nice Librarian who was nearby said that Ms. Mean Librarian was out to lunch and wouldn't be back until 3:00. Boy, was I relieved! The first librarian then turned to The Nice Librarian who was told of the situation and quickly grasped the dilemma that I was in. She said that since I had gotten one of the Recorded Books series, then THOSE could be replaced separately, that I didn't have to buy the whole book! After that good news, not only did she check in my book on tape, but she then checked it back out again to me so that I would have enough time to look for the missing tapes. She also said, as the first librarian sputtered about how she didn't want to get into any trouble, "I'm way beyond caring what Ms. Mean Librarian says," and smiled at me and handed me my book.

So not only could I have some grace to find my tapes, I could also go and check out some more material. I was so very pleased and relieved to have The Nice Librarian on my side! Yay for nice people!

Last night, as I was making dinner, Keith came home with a surprise for me. So he did have a birthday surprise for me after all!

"Guess which pocket has your surprise?"

"That one!"

(I'm like a little kid.)

He pulls out some old Halloween candy that he's been getting from work and gives it to me. Yum!

"What's in that one?"

And he pulls out my two missing cassette tapes! Right where he thought they'd be. They had fallen between the door and the seat into the pocket of the the door. I had searched all through the car itself and not thought to look in the door pocket.

So now, I don't even have to pay for the two missing tapes. I'm free and clear once more at the library.

On the Dave Ramsey show on the radio, he admonishes people to get out of debt. It's great to listen to and has really helped both Keith and me to get serious with our money. Each day, someone will call in to his show and yell, "I'M DEBT FREEEEEEEE!"

Well, I feel like I should be able to call into the library and yell, "I'M FINE FREEEEEEEEEE!"

Ahhhh, the sweet feeling of freedom.

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