Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm not getting any younger!

I woke up this morning for my 42nd birthday. I few days ago, I did the math in my head, because I just wasn't sure if I was 42 or 43. Sad.

Then, because I knew Keith had forgotten, even though I had given him a few gentle reminders yesterday, I sidled up to him this morning when he was barely awake and said, "Will you sing me my little song?"

"Your little song?" he asks blankly.

"For my birthday?"

"Ohhhhh," he says, as I watch his face with much amusement to see how he'll get out of this negligence.

Then, he says, "Well, I guess you can't wait for your surprise, huh?"

"Just admit it. You forgot," I laugh and he sings me my little song.

What does 19 years of marriage bring? A understanding that my beloved husband is not always going to remember dates, but that it's okay, that he loves me as much as he ever did . . . if not more . . . and that we're both getting OLD!

I have also learned to remind the children of my birthday as well. Sometimes, the older ones remember of their own accord, but not usually. And I sadly think of my own neglect of my mother in remembering birthdays. (Sorry, Mom! Happy birthday to you, too, this coming July.)

This morning, I rushed over for an 8:30 appointment for fingerprinting for substitute teaching. I was also hoping to turn in library books before the library opened to avoid two days of library fines, but I looked at my watch as I drove to the fingerprinting appointment and decided I couldn't do both. I'd have to turn in my books late and suffer the consequences.

I showed up, and the substitute procurement lady asked if I was her 8:30 appointment, and I said that I was. We had a nice talk as she did my fingerprints, took my picture, handed me my new badge and parking permit. I told her that I had filled out all of my paperwork with December 3, 1965 instead of 2007, because it was my birthday today and my brain could not be retrained to write my birthday without the year. She laughed and said another lady had done the exact same thing for the same reason last week. That made me feel immensely better and less of an idiot . . . I'm sure she's glad that our students are being put in such competent hands.

Anyway, I then took myself off for a little birthday breakfast at IHOP -- my favorite -- Eggs Benedict. I read the paper, ate my breakfast in luxurious silence and then headed off to my car to run a few errands. That's when I realized that it was only 9:17. I looked at my watch again. 9:17? I was done with my fingerprinting and a leisurely breakfast, with a 10 minute drive in between, in less than 45 minutes? I checked the clock in the car which also confirmed that it was 9:17. That's when it dawned on me that I must have shown up for the fingerprinting at 8:00 am instead of 8:30, thus prompting the question "Are you my 8:30 appointment?" from the substitute procurement lady.

Great. Way to make a good first impression.

I sighed, got into the car and started looking over my new parking permit and my new substitute teacher ID. Only, I couldn't find my ID anywhere. I turned the car upside down. Nothing. So, I figured I must have dropped it on the way out to the car after my appointment. Sure enough, I drove back and retrieved it once again from the substitute procurement lady . . . once again making a GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION . . . Can't remember that it's 2007, can't get to my appointment at the right time . . . can't hold onto my ID for more than five minutes!

I finally did make it to the library with my books, hoping that I could get another renewal on a set of books on tape because I couldn't find two of the tapes that had gotten sucked into the black hole that is called Keith's truck. Not only could I NOT get a renewal, but if I don't find those tapes, it will cost me $157 to replace the book on tape. Happy birthday to me.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself.

Especially after the librarian tells me that I can call the head of circulation about my situation to see what we can work out. You know who that person is already, don't you? That's right, the Library Nazi who already hates me. Big sigh.

I felt better, though, when I got home to relax a little. I opened up a present from Ginny -- a CD Walkman (to replace the one that Kody chewed up a few months ago) and -- because life is full of ironies -- a book on CD. : ) Thank you, so much Ginny. That was so thoughtful.

I'm off to work, now, to drown myself in holiday cheer, and then tonight Keith will take me out to dinner for my birthday. : )


Mary Blaustone said...

A very Happy Birthday to you, Jackie! I, as well, will turn 42 this Saturday on December 8. I've always loved my birthday because it means Christmas is right around the corner. Sounds like you and me both need to hang on to our brains ;-) I'm lovin the 40's!

Blessings to you
Mary Blaustone
Windsor, CA

Qtpies7 said...

We had two birthdays this weekend at our house.
I hope you had a nice dinner out with the hubby.
AND found those tapes!