Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas blessings

I glanced down at the milk jug yesterday and saw a January 4, 2008 expiration date. This stunned me for a few minutes, and quite honestly I thought it was a misprint . . . 2008? . . . it couldn't be! Then it dawned on me that I'd better start getting used to a new year soon.

I'm tired.

I'm all cashiered out. This morning, I started work with my mind in a bit of a muddle. It took me a full 30 minutes to quit saying "Merry Christmas!" after each transaction. I finally transitioned into "Happy New Year!" while ringing up all kinds of 50% off Christmas paraphernalia and new VALENTINE stuff. Then, finally, I got to come home and promptly sent Keith off to get some pizza at Papa Johns -- THANK YOU, Danny and Jessica for gift cards for pizza. What a huge treat!

Someday I will give some very interesting details to our Christmas 2007 and really the whole last three months. But for now, suffice it to say that God blessed us with a wonderful time of celebration. We knew going into the holidays that we wouldn't be able to buy presents for the kids or even a tree. Our budget was extremely tight, so we prayed. Kade and Kylie prayed in the car several weeks ago, as we drove home from Wednesday night church, for a Christmas tree. I prayed that the Lord would provide for our needs just as He provided for Elijah and the widow and her son -- a jar of oil and a jar of flour that never emptied for the entire duration of famine. Keith prayed for provision in our evening family prayer time. Not only did He provide for our needs during the holidays, but He blessed us with a tree and several sets of presents, mostly from anonymous providers. We also had several turkeys to cook with all of the fixings, so we invited Keith's friend, Miss Carol, from work to come over to celebrate Christmas with us. Some friends from church also popped over to say hi and to bring some more gifts. Our day was full and blessed.

Highlights: presents, Scrabble, chocolate milk, turkey and gravy, presents, family phone calls, presents, and presents!

I also did laundry on Christmas day. Lots and lots of laundry. Mostly because the kids had absolutely nothing to wear except for the clothes they unwrapped from presents. I barely made a dent in the mountain that was our laundry room. Scary.

Interestingly, Target did not schedule me for work for the next six days. I almost don't want to call in to see if there are some extra hours. Keith has had this week off and also the next, and we have a lot that we can get done together. (And a lot that we can NOT get done together.) But it is nice to get a paycheck, so we'll see. At the very least, I'm paying some bills and doing some more laundry!


Qtpies7 said...

What a great Christmas! I love it when the Lord blesses so wonderfully! It actually is a better Christmas than being able to afford "it all."
We didnt' have to worry about money this year, as a huge back pay amount hit Donnie's check, however, what was wonderful was being able to give to someone struggling, and to spend TIME with our family. That was my favorite part. I barely remember the gifts.

Mary Blaustone said...

He provides, He provides...oh how our wonderful God provides!

Every time I read about your job at Target, it reminds me that I should be looking for a job after the New Year. Whata ya think? Should I apply at Target?

Happy New Year!