Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thanksgiving pictures

Time to cook 23 pounds of turkey!
There are few things as disgusting as preparing a big naked bird . . .
. . . nor few things as fun!
Kylie peels a potato
Around our household, the mashed potatoes are serious business. Everyone pitches in.
Kathleen gets the bag ready for the turkey. I've cooked the Thanksgiving turkey in a bag for as long as I've been cooking turkeys. It always comes out moist and perfect.
Keri Lynn and Kathleen prepare the green bean casserole, also a must for Thanksgiving.
I love this picture that captures our day perfectly. On the left side, a group plays a computer game together while on the right side, a group peels endless potatoes.
Keith installed Rayman and proceeded to hog the computer for most of the morning!
Here Konner helps with the table preparation. He really enjoys getting food ready.
Kathleen was the mastermind behind the table settings -- dishes, silverware, goblets, brown placemats and brown napkins in red napkin holders.
This picture is my absolute favorite picture of Keva, EVER. Is she just so cute! I can't get over how she smiles into the camera now!
The final preparation of the main Thanksgiving dinner menu item. You thought it was turkey, didn't you!
Mmmmm, butter!
Kristofer looks frantically about for another masher to help with the potatoes.
Keith carves the turkey.
The spread, and as always, served buffet style.
Kody is one very dejected dog as he does not get to participate in the eating, not until Keva has something to say about that.
I think the goblets were the biggest hit of the day. We all had soda.
One happy teenager
Don't worry, Kade, you'll get your turn eventually.
Total bliss
See what I mean about the goblet?
Kathleen eats up a turkey leg!

I think what I enjoyed most about Thanksgiving was that we all hung out together and worked to get the meal cooked. Everyone pitched in, even with the cleaning afterwards.

Thank You, Lord, for the blessings of family.


June said...

Oh, yes!! I love the smiling pix of Keva these days, too. She can learn and grow and her teacher needs one of those powerful kisses, too!
I cooked 23 lb. turkey, too.No bag any more. foil on breast and legs and then removed the foil near the end- Very moist. Don't overcook' cause it continues to cook outside the oven.
Onions, carrots and celery,s+p in the cavity. I put sage leaves under the skin and in the cavity, too. I buy a fresh turkey w/o the injected stuff. This is my recipe.
Dressing on the outside....
Miss you all.
love, June

Anonymous said...

This post is a precious. Everybody look so happy to take part on the turkey feast preparation I have to agree with your mash potatoes and the green bean caresole they are the bomb (to bad I missed it).