Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Goals and hormones

I didn't even go NEAR Target for those six whole days of no work. I took full advantage of being at home, and Target even called once to see if I could come in, but I wasn't home when they called and when I did get home, I did not call back! It's been nice to be back home.

Laundry, after being at work since the beginning of November? Scary. I worked for a solid day and a half, sorting, washing, drying, folding, going out to buy more laundry detergent . . . and I'm about 2/3 done. Very very scary.

So this morning, I did wake up relatively early to go for a four hour shift at Target, only to find out that I should have gone in YESTERDAY. Oops. They were kind enough to let me work, but because I wasn't needed as a cashier, they had me off stocking shelves. Talk about blind ignorance. I worked with a girl who hadn't done any stocking before either, so we kind of stumbled around together and helped each other out. Then, as the time progressed, I walked by the registers to drop off something at Guest Services, and my team leader told me to go ahead and hop on a register. YESSSSS! So glad I didn't have to stock shelves during Christmas. That's hard work! I much prefer the register.

Anyway, I got called in by a manager after my shift today and told that my seasonal stint is now over. I have until my last scheduled day, which is Saturday, January 12, and should I want another seasonal job, they'd be happy to have me back, but I'd need to be available for more than just weekends to continue working there. That's just fine, because I'm very excited about the substitute teaching. I'm going to try to go to the kids' high school tomorrow and see if I can shadow a few subs and get the lay of the land. Then, I'll probably put my name officially on the list for Monday. Please be praying, my dear praying readers, that the Lord would pave the way in this endeavor. I am so very thankful for the job at Target and now this opportunity at school.

Now, on to my resolutions.

First resolution . . . no sodas. I have not had ONE soda in my home even after Keith came home with a bunch on New Year's Eve . . . But I have been out with Keith for hamburgers yesterday and had a soda and then out for a little birthday lunch with Konner at El Charro's . . . and I'm hoping I won't have a wild headache tomorrow when I have so excuse for drinking a soda!

Second resolution . . . eat like less of a glutton. Um, doing REAL well with that one, too. Does it count that I ate my chips and salsa slower than usual?

Third resolution . . . read through the Bible in a year. I've read the first half of the first chapter of Genesis. This is very sad, but I have to say that this being my most important resolution, I intend to carry it out, even though I'm off to a bad start. I've had "issues", hormonal, monthly-type issues that have been following their usual pattern. . . Three days ago I felt like I could take over the world. I decided that I WILL organize every square inch of my house. I got most of the laundry done, and all of the neglected pots and pans and tupperware cleaned out. The house was starting to smell decent again. I figured if I could get organized enough, I could crochet every gift for next Christmas throughout the year. Then, two days ago, it all fell apart. I was the Mother from Hell, yelling at kids, deciding that we will never get caught up with our money woes, and pretty much down in the dumps. One day ago, I was achy, tired and whiny. Which brings me to today when I'm getting back into a more balanced frame of mind again. Or, shall I say, normal frame of mind? Balanced might be too much. : )


Qtpies7 said...

You should try cross stitch, or calligraphy, and do up the pic I plan to make for those days.
"If I look rational, non-violent or approachable, I'm sorry, because I am NOT."
Maybe I should have it made into a button to wear on those days....

Jackie said...