Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas Day

Here we are on Christmas morning. I was hoping to sleep until 11:00, but Keith thought maybe 7:00, and the kids liked 6:00, so we compromised for 8:00 am.
Christmas loot
"These are a few of my favorite things . . . "
Kristofer couldn't wait to install a computer game.
Keri Lynn with a warm sweater and a ceramic bowl that Konner made for her.
Kathleen -- a gift card to Wal-mart! She loves to shop!
A doll with dangly hair!
Must. Shoot. Something.
I bought milk and Hershey's syrup as a Christmas morning treat. Some of us had chocolate milk and some of us had hot cocoa. Kathleen is the hot chocolate connoisseur of the family.
Littlest Pet Shop (of course!)
Here are Scot Klusendorf and his daughter Emily who dropped by with Christmas gifts. The Klusendorfs go to our church and moved from California about a year before we did. Scot went to UCLA, so for our benefit he wore his UCLA sweatshirt and a Dodger cap! I'll be blogging more about the Klusendorfs soon.
Keith tends the fire and Keva looks on. She loves to sit by the fire and watch it burn. Keith, the biggest firebug in all history, enjoyed firing up boxes and Christmas paper.
It's cold in our neck of the woods so . . .
. . . Keva sits with her Daddy next to the fire!

Here's Miss Carol who came to have dinner with us Christmas evening. She's a USC graduate and huge football fan, but we won't hold the USC bit against her.
Merry Christmas, everyone!


SK said...

Um, Keith is not the biggest firebug in the world. I am. On the 4th of July, I've been accused of reinacting the Tet Offensive. If it aint bolted down, it done get blowed up!

It was nice to see you guys on Christmas!

Jackie said...

Hey, Scott! If Keith says anything to you about going to Alabama to get a few fireworks, just give the rest of us some warning . . .