Sunday, January 27, 2008

Konner's 7th Birthday Party!

Konner got this parachute as one of his Christmas presents, so we filled it with balloons and . . .
. . . had ourselves a party!
One of Keva's very favorite things is a balloon. So here she is enjoying one of the many that were spread throughout the house.
Keith picked up boxes from Target and I went crazy with a box cutter and made a ton of road pieces. Each of Konner's birthday guests brought his own Matchbox car to play with, and everyone pitched in the put the roadway together.
Kathleen did a lot of the detail work.
Kristofer was the architect behind the road construction. Here's a car going down the road, pulling up to a stop sign.
We made cupcakes in the shape of stars.
Konner takes a roadtrip.
Every road needs a tunnel . . .
. . . and every car needs a carwash.
The beginning of the road at the front door. (Reminicsent of the movie Speed, where the bus leaps from one end of the uncompleted 105 freeway to the other.)
The road continues through the kitchen . . .
. . . and into the living room.
Dominick, The Five-Starred One
Konner gets to use the Special Plate!
Everyone decorates their own star cupcake.
Spiderman plates, too!
Happy birthday, Big Guy! We're so proud of you!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie~
Two thumbs up on the b'day party. What an inginious idea to have a bunch of boys playing cars. The road contruction was excellent, and the stars cup cakes was superb. We really enjoy this post. Way to go