Monday, July 28, 2008

Walking, walking, walking

I planned to pick up the Camp Sonshine kids from the church parking lot at 2:45, just as it said on the schedule. I even double-checked it, since I just can't depend on my poor little memory these days.

Keri Lynn called me at about 2:00, "Mom, we're here. You can pick us up now."

"But you weren't supposed to be home until 2:45!"

Off I went, with the rest of the kids in tow (except for Kristofer who stayed home with Keva) so that we could greet the happy campers. Kathleen brought Erin, too, and after we picked everyone up, we stopped by a local gas station that has great deals on slushies. A big cup for 69 cents. We were all over that deal! Only my Coke slushie was out of order, so I got a banana strawberry flavor that gave me a sugar buzz. That's a lot of sugar if it can give ME a sugar buzz.

When I got home, I checked the schedule again wondering how I had managed to be an hour off of the time. Sure enough, it said 2:45, BUT when I put my reading glasses on, I noticed that it said 1:45. Dear me. I'm getting old.

Keith and I have both been feeling our ages and our weight lately. So, two days ago, we started walking together. This is a first for us. We've pretty much avoided any exercise together, but we both decided that we really needed to do this. So, for TWO straight days in a row we've walked down to the end of our street and back sometime after dinner before it gets dark. Yesterday, it was so muggy that I was a big drippy mess by the time we got back. Keith didn't look too bad, though. Keri Lynn and Kylie joined us and even Amy, the pastor's wife, joined us on the way back while she was walking her dog. So far this venture into good health has been good. I already feel more energetic.

I keep telling Keith that if we can just walk like this for the next 40 years, we'll actually be in good health! It put me in mind of our sweet neighbor in Los Angeles, Mrs. Collins. She was up hovering around her 80's and would go off every single morning, rain or shine, for a 15 minute walk. That's our goal! We want to be like Mrs. Collins!


Qtpies7 said...

That would be a good thing for us to start, too. But rain or shine? Maybe rain, but I couldn't handle the snow walks. I don't do cold well.

Jackie said...

I have to admit I'm a little worried about cold walks myself and it doesn't get nearly as cold here as it does where you live!