Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anniversary plans

One more day until the washer repair person comes . . .

Keith told me yesterday that he got Wednesday off.

I looked at him blankly, "Wednesday? Why?"

He was shocked! "Our anniversary?"

"Our anniversary?" A few more moments of blank silence, "Our anniversary!"

My brain is really mushy lately. It's because I'm surrounded by dirty laundry.


So tomorrow, Keith has the day off to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We'll start off by receiving a repair service call somewhere between 7:00 and 9:00 in the morning. At that point, we'll find out when to expect the repair service person. Then, we can schedule the rest of our day. We're planning BIG. Dinner and a movie! Not original, I know, but if we can get out during matinee time, we may be able to fit in a couple of movies! There are a few out there right now that I actually want to see! Yay for summer blockbusters! Yay for kids old enough to look after each other for the day! And yay for 20 years!

Kathleen and Kylie wanted a sleep-over really bad yesterday, but I told them that they needed to clean their room and help clean up the downstairs so that it looked halfway presentable. Kylie especially wanted the sleep-over, so she worked on organizing her mountain of clothes so that she actually has them fitting in her dresser drawers! She gets so many clothes from friends -- which is great! -- but she never wants to get rid of anything. This time, she filled up three bags to go to the Goodwill. I just need to check over what she has to make sure that she's not going naked to school in the fall, and then we're good!

So now the girls have two friends over for a sleepover tonight. Keith told them they can stay up until midnight. You can tell we've been on a summer schedule because midnight seems so early to them now! They'll get their chance thought to burn the midnight oil when they go for a birthday sleepover at Erin's house on Friday night. That mom (KIM!) is going to let them stay up ALL NIGHT. To that I say, Great, but not at my house! I'm a mean mom. : )

I've not heard from Keri Lynn since yesterday morning, so I assume she's doing fine.

Have you listened to the Sabbath Prayer song in the post below? It's so beautiful and meaningful to a Jewish person, but even more so the Christian.


Holly said...

Happy 20th Anniversary! How terrific. How do they make that rose thing?


That's close. Anyway, have a wonderful time!

June Bostick said...

yes, happy anniversary!

-----^--<@ how about that ?

I hate the all nighters too! They are good for nothing the next day.

Jackie said...

Two beautiful roses! Thanks! Love you guys. : )

Kim Lamb said...

I'm sure you've heard by now that the all nighter DID NOT HAPPEN. I went to bed at 2:00am only to be startled awake at 3:30 to referee an argument. I was not nice at that point and the lights went OFF! We are so done with sleepovers! Kim