Thursday, July 17, 2008

20 years

It's the day after our 20th anniversary. What a fun day it was. Just as planned, we got a call from the service repair person, but instead of giving us a time for repair, she told us, "I'm sorry, but your repair person is sick today. We can schedule you for Thursday or Friday."

"You're kidding," I said,

"She's sick, ma'am," she replied, obviously tired of cranky customers.

So instead of retorting that there couldn't possibly be ANOTHER repair person in the state of Georgia, I scheduled the repair person to come today.

The good thing about that was that Keith and I had the whole day together uninterrupted. We waved good-bye to the kids and headed off to lunch at Five Guys, a hamburger place near the theaters. I'd never been there before. It's 90% Johnny Rocket and 10% Texas Roadhouse. Really yummy. You walk in and see pallets loaded with bags of Idaho potatoes, I guess assuring the customer that you're getting the freshest french fries possible. While you're waiting for your burger, you can munch on peanuts, like at Texas Roadhouse. The only thing Keith didn't like was that they did not offer Doctor Pepper, his drink of choice. I had my Coke, though, so all was good for me.

We then saw two movies back to back.

First, The Happening. This is a M. Night Shyamalan film (The Sixth Sense and The Village -- both of which I really liked). While I like the pace and the writing, I was disturbed by the violence and the philosophy of the film. Essentially, it says that the earth has had enough of man's ill treatment and it is time for revenge. So apparently the trees can send out gasses into the air that can cause people to be confused then ultimately suicidal. I spent most of the film peeking between my fingers with my hands over my eyes. It was just too gruesome. It is a film, though, that shows the despair of mankind without God. What is there, after all, when you have no one to trust for life and love. There is only hopelessness. It is why the Global Warming movement has such a strong hold on our society. If there is no god, then we have to depend on ourselves and man cannot succeed, even from a humanistic point of view. There is only despair. So, while I was glad that I got to see this movie, and that I have a firm foundation as a Christian, I was sad to think that so many will leave that theater with a sense of doom. It is not so, dear people! We have hope in Christ. The truth is out there! And Molder and Scully have nothing to do with it!

Second, Hancock. That's the Will Smith movie that's out for the summer. Bad language. Bad language. Bad language. Story line was actually kind of interesting, but ultimately sad. I have to say that there was a surprise kicker toward the end of the movie that I honestly wasn't expecting. A lot of the angst could have been drawn out more smoothly. Just when you're starting to feel for the characters, it's just about over. Apparently American theater goers have the attention span of a gnat.

After our movie gorging, we went to dinner at our favorite place, El Charro. I was still full from lunch, so I just had a taco. We mostly talked about the movies and analyzed them to death. Then we talked about what 20 years of marriage meant to us. We've come to the point where we've known each other longer than we haven't. We feel so very blessed to know and love each other, to be friends and lovers, and to love God together.

Then we got to talking about what it will be like 20 years from now, should God bless us with that. Keith reminded me that 20 years from now, Keri Lynn will be 37 and Konner will be 27. Gasp! Just the idea of Konner being more than 10 is just a little too much for my poor heart, let alone contemplating adulthood for him. He's my baby after all!

We laughed and talked and simply enjoyed. And that, my friends, is part of the wonder of marriage. To just be together, comfortable and loved.


Lil' Sister Connie said...

Praise GOD!!! I am so excited for you both!!!

Qtpies7 said...

Ugh! Another day without the repairman? I'd go nuts!

Well, I am glad I now don't have to go to the Happening, I wanted to know what was happenign, but I didn't want to see a scary movie. Thanks for spilling the beans!
I'll probably still be forced to see Hancock, though, my husband is looking forward to it.

We have been married longer than we've not been married, lol. I married at age 17, and we've been married for over 19 years. I guess Donnie is at 50/50, he was 19 when we married.

Jackie said...

I didn't think about spoiling the plot! I'll have to go in and edit!

Lisa, hope your fever adventures are dying down! You're spiraling toward 20 years, too. To me, it feels like when I turned 40. This huge milestone that I just didn't expect to ever reach!

Pen of Jen said...

WOO hOO!!! Happy 20th! We will be celebrating our 20th in August!!!!!!

A whole day...movies eachother...*sigh* sounds sweet!
Wishing you 20 more...and yes to get the next 20 your baby must grow up!!!lol

Jackie said...

Thanks, Jennifer!