Monday, July 07, 2008

Alice's Visit

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a week since our vacation. We've been staying relatively busy with Keith's Mom staying with us, although I've still been sleeping in until 10:00 most mornings, the same time that I was getting up in California, only it was 7:00 am there. I wake up and . . . (this really cracks me up) all of the dishes are done. It's the Kitchen Fairy. Alice has been up before any of us and goes around tidying the kitchen, which is no small feat.

She offered to take us to lunch after church on Sunday. We decided to go to El Charro's of course, our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was delicious. Alice said that she figured if she took us out to lunch, she wouldn't have to do the dishes!

It's been a lot of fun to have her visiting. We've had a few trips to some of the discount stores in the area and today we made a run to Wal-mart and Target. Otherwise, we've just been staying at home and enjoying the air conditioning and all of the sports on TV. We watched the men's championship yesterday with Federer and Nadal. That was amazing! Then we watched a bunch of the Olympic trials, too. There's a lot going on in the sports world. Alice has also been really great with our dog. Kody loves her and has decided that she should stay forever since she's up earlier than anyone else and makes sure he gets taken outside and that his bowls are full.

Alice leaves tomorrow morning. We'll have Make Your Own Tacos tonight for dinner. I'll take some pictures, and that will be the end of a visit. Time flies. I can't seem to find the breaks anywhere. Sigh.


June Bostick said...

Hm, my mom in love does not do the dishes or take us out to eat. YOU ARE Blessed!

Twilight Sky said...

Lol, Mrs. Bostick, I love my Grandma!!! Even if she didn't do the dishes I'd still love her! She's such a funny person!

How's Sarah doing? I'm trying to find her email address. She may have to send me it again. I usually don't lose these kind of things and it makes me mad. Please tell Sarah I haven't forgotten about her!

Keri Lynn

Qtpies7 said...

It is so nice to have someone doing the dishes! My mom does them all for us now that she lives here, and it is wonderful!