Monday, July 14, 2008

Sweet summer days

These summer days have been kind of surreal for me. We've all been sleeping in and taking it easy, except for Keith, of course, who still has his pesky job to go to.

I've had the added "bonus" of wrestling with the washing machine. It started leaking worse than usual a few months ago, and the week before we went on vacation, I finally called to have it looked at. Have I mentioned how much I "LOVE" Best Buy warranty service? I haven't? The service person came and said that the part would come in the day after we would leave for California, so we scheduled the repair for the day after we came back. Did they come then? No. Rescheduled. They came last Thursday, put in the part, but -- Lo and Behold -- an attached part needed to be replaced as well, and it was the wrong size for our washing machine. Have I mentioned how much I "LOVE" Best Buy warranty?!? I haven't?!? So the repair person leaves, telling me that a towel on the floor should be sufficient for any leaking. Towel? Try a dozen towels! Try, the washing machine doesn't need hoses at all. Just open it up and let the water pour out. Am I bitter? No, not at all. What do I have left to sop up water spilling out of the washing machine like a bilge? Dirty blankets, dirty towels, dirty underwear, whatever happened to be on the floor in the laundry room. The dirty laundry overflowing into the hallway from vacation stayed dry, though.

I suppose at this point I really need to take a breath and remember people around the world that don't have a washing machine. People that don't even have clothes or food or pillows to lay their head. But I'm grouchy right now . . .

The repair person is supposed to come on Wednesday. I won't tell you how long I've been wearing the same underwear. TMI?

Keri Lynn left early Sunday morning on her long anticipated mission trip to the Florida Keys. Last year, she fractured her skull when she fainted in the bathroom on the first night there thus ending that little venture. This year, she's off to a much better start. She called this morning, the first full day, and they were on the way to work with kids in VBS and then they were going to an alligator farm.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we got the first two Lord of the Rings movies in their extended versions from Netflix and have been spending a lot of time watching these lengthy movies. What a great story teller Tolkien was. We also got The Water Horse, which was a cute movie, but in comparison to Tolkien, it pales! If you haven't seen the LOTR extended movies and have read the books, you'll enjoy them very much.

We've had a lot of wet weather in the last week. Sunday morning, while the pastor spoke, the sanctuary rumbled with the thunder. Donna, who is in charge of audio/visual, said that the chandeliers were shaking. She was thankful that electricity didn't go out. Kylie, during the sermon, whispered to me that God was happy with what Pastor was saying! And while the pastor's wife was singing a solo, she whispered, "I know why the Pastor picked her! She's pretty and she's got a pretty voice."

Isn't that sweet?

Yesterday, my cousin Chris and her husband Mike received a very special gift from God. They are now the proud parents of a baby boy, Daniel Richard, 7 lbs., 7 oz. -- The sevens crack me up, considering his name. I figured he should have been 21 inches, just to keep the numerical theme going, but instead he's a respectable 19 inches. Congratulations, Chris and Mike! What a huge blessing children are.

I will never forget how special it was to receive that special little one into my arms 17 years ago. Keith and I were out of our heads with joy. But further out of her head was my mom who turns 66 today! Happy birthday, Mom! I love you and I'm glad you're still "out of your head" about grandchildren! It made out trip out to California extra special.


June Bostick said...

Yes, TMI, but you can always use my old method of grabbing 2 pair and hand washing in your bathroom sink.
loved the pix!!!

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