Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fourth of July!

Where are we going, Konner? Did you say it was time to go to the Fourth of July Parade? Yessssss!
We parked in our church parking lot and walked a few blocks to get that perfect spot.
Keri Lynn settles into her book world.
Kathleen is ready.
We've got a spot right toward the front of the parade when parade people are fresh and ready to hand out lots of CANDY!
"Whoo-hoo! It's starting!"
We stand for the flag.
This cracked me up -- Yeager running for county coroner, um, with a balloon attached to his campaign card. Somehow, coroner and balloon just don't go together for me.
The boys ooh'd and ah'd as the tank went by.
Band members from the county's three high schools make up the Fourth of July band.
Small town parade = small town politics, but there's nothing "small" about small town politics, I assure you!
Rob Brass, from our church, doing some "politicking"! Go, Rob!
A tractor, of course!
Our line-up
Size . . .
. . . isn't everything
Patriotic Keri Lynn
We gather up candy, political campaign flyers, church advertisements and make our way back to the car. From there, we drive off to the high school to get ready for the fireworks!
We set up our chairs at the top of the hill looking over the football and baseball fields. It's a perfect spot, minus the fireants.
The fireworks are set behind the football field. On the football field, a band plays loudly, and the kids can get their faces painted, we can buy food if we want, the kids can play in jumpers.
My hero, Keith, comes back with COKE! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Keva, the most patriotic of us all. She loves to wave her flag!

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