Monday, July 14, 2008

California pictures

Here's Danielle on our outing to El Nido Park!
We met with three other homeschool families at the Riccis. Here are some of the girls! So sweet!
Keith with two of the dads
The moms gather in the kitchen. Aren't they adorable? I love these women.
All of my kids with the Riccis youngest daughter, Briana.
Mike and Maria with Briana.
Maria plays with Keva.
Kathleen eats one of Aunt Janet's scrumptious brownies.
Here we all are gathered at Kenny and Janet's house. Look at Bryan! He's six feet tall! Kristofer, who isn't a midget, looks like a shrimp next to him! Keith's Mom and Dad joined us, too. That's when Alice started thinking that maybe she'd go ahead and fly back with us for a visit to Atlanta!
We had dinner in the backyard. Yum!
Then we stayed and talked for so long that Kylie fell asleep on the chair.

Danielle! I only know which twin is which because Danielle just got her hair cut! The twins are only a few weeks younger than Kathleen. They had a great time together.
Here's Julia with one of her kids when we met at Sand Dune Park. I missed seeing her because I was visiting with two friends for a few hours. Next time, Julia!
Here I am with Keva
My sister Connie plays with Keva!
My sister Beth -- she's going to kill me for this picture! But it's the only one I have of our visit! So I'm using it!


Connie said...

You are so right Bethie is going to kill you...Lucky for you she doesn't really go on the internet too much...Don't worry I'll print it out for you! I love you so much and I was blessed by our family gathering together. XxOo

Qtpies7 said...

Yep, I'd kill you, too. But that is what sisters are for, lol.

Sounds like you had a really busy, fun trip.

Jackie said...

Such fun! And these are all the pictures on our secondary camera! (In which there were much better pictures of Beth!)

Oz said...

Wow ... Kristopher is like a mini-Keith.

Waynel said...

I have another one, that's in the mail to you even as I write this - of Beth - you'll like it. And, Connie can print it out for her, too!!!
We enjoyed your visit with every fiber of ourselves. Love to u all. Mom