Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We had a nice Labor Day weekend. On Friday, I went into Target's portrait studio to apply for a weekend job. I have a interview on Thursday for what I hope will be a pretty interesting job with some interesting opportunities to learn a new skill and to move up quickly into management. Last week, I wasted a lot of time and gas going to a Kirby vacuum cleaner workshop, hoping to maybe get a job selling vacuum cleaners. It turned out to be a scam, but I did learn a lot about the $2,000 Sentria, if anyone wants to know.

Substitute teaching jobs have been very sparse, still. But over the weekend, I got a call from a special ed. teacher, where I've subbed before. Only she's in a new school this year. I've got the job for the week, and maybe even longer, because they're short a teacher's aide and apparently there's a hiring freeze going on. We'll see how it goes. If I don't have to lift any kids, that should be fine. The last special ed. class was pretty physically demanding.

On Saturday, we had Keith's friend, Carol, come for burgers on the grill. She's been battling cancer for three years now, on her own in Atlanta, away from Los Angeles family and friends. Keith has been faithfully going over to take her to treatments and shopping as she needs it. She calls him her son and enjoys an occasional visit to our family.

Then, today, we were invited to the Klusendorfs for a swim in their community pool and hamburgers and hot dogs. You can never have enough hamburgers. I just saying. Especially when they're grilled. The younger kids swam and the older kids and adults talked and played a card game we just discovered. It's called Rage, which makes it sound a little bit like some demented drive-by shooter's game, but it's not. It's kind of a cross between Uno and Spades. A lot of fun with a lot of different levels of play.

Tomorrow, we'll be off and running again.


Qtpies7 said...

We didn't do anything yesterday. And it was nice! OK, we did DO something, but nothing for the holidays. I finished up school shopping, got Devon's pics taken at Wallyworld, and Donnie worked for double pay.
How was that thing a scam? I have the Kirby Sentria. The guy was good, I'll tell you that, because I really have almost NO carpet in my house. Just a couple of throw rugs, lol.

Jackie said...

It was a scam in that they wanted me to "demonstrate" it to six people over the weekend before they'd "hire" me, after they'd already called to say I was hired. I joined 20 other people who were also "hired", to the workshop. They do this every week. "Hire" 20 people, and then have them show the Sentria as independent contractors.

It is a good machine but it is WAY overpriced! I've had two people come to my house trying to sell it to me, one a week after I'd been to that workshop! I told him no, and he STILL tried to sell it to me. He was really good, too!

Humble wife said...

Sounds fun...grilled burgers and swimming and a new game!!!
(how about setting up a day care in the home? Have it for 2 -5 year olds and set all up cute and fun. Require parents to send a sleep mat, and the necessities...have a lesson planner in NM a fairly poor state daycare is 75-100 a week per kid)

Who but a mom of seven could implement this in her sleep!!! Go Jackie!!!:))))

Qtpies7 said...

LOL @ your comment on my blog. I'm thinking belly button ring. Kaytlin and I are thinking of getting them together for bonding. And I do want a tatoo, but probably won't get one.

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Sounds fun. You are always playing hostess. I love your gift of hospitality. It's inspiring. Sorry about the scam. That stinks!

Rachel said...

Sounds like fun!