Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FIREPROOF Teaser Trailer

This movie, starring Kirk Cameron, is opening on Friday in 850 theaters around the country. Keri Lynn and I are planning to sneak off to go see it sometime this weekend.

I watched an interview on Good Morning America this morning. Did you know that Kirk Cameron made a committment to not kiss any other woman other than his wife, even when acting?

"Well, I guess that kind of puts a crimp in your movie opportunities!"

He smiled and said that he gets to choose top quality films instead, that he'd rather please his wife then make a ton of movies. Since this new movie coming out is a romantic movie, where a man woos back his wife when they are at the brink of divorce, there is a kissing scene with his movie wife. His real wife stands in for her when he actually kisses her. I was so tickled by this and so glad to see a man taking that physical act seriously.

I'll go see your movie, Kirk Cameron. Keep on serving Jesus!


Netajane said...

Way to go, Kirk Cameron!!! Wish more people were committed to their marriage "commitment" like that! God will bless :-) Thanks for sharing this tid-bit. I just happened on your site...found it due to your comment on "Pleasantviewschoolhouse" blog. I am thrilled to have found another blog w/ my kind of people!

Jackie said...

Thank you, Netajane! I absolutely LOVE Pleasant View School House. She constantly inspires me.