Monday, September 15, 2008

Catch up time

I've been negligent with my posts. Things have been busy, but today, I have a little catch-up time. Catch-up time is important!

The kids had several parties to go to over the weekend, Keri Lynn did some night driving, big kids helped in a fundraiser luncheon after church, choir practice, and I tried to take it easy holding back a cold. Several of us have been holding colds at bay. We're a little stuffy and tired. I've been popping vitamin C like crazy!

Fall is starting to show, if not in the weather, but in little splashes of leaf color change. It's still pretty hot, too. Mid 80s, and humid. We've gotten very little weather from all of the hurricanes, but big thunderheads come billowing past us overhead and go rain in other areas.

Last week, I was ridiculously pleased to pay $3.48 for gas, but -- as you all are painfully aware -- that was short-lived. We're now at about $4.07 or thereabouts which is probably still less than a lot of other parts of the country.

And how about the Palin Phenom! If ever anyone wondered about media bias before, they should take careful note now. The Charlie Gibson interview was amazingly bias. He was trying desperately to make her look bad, but she managed to answer questions with ease and grace. "Well, Charlie, that was in fact a very appropriate action . . . " etc, etc.

Politics have been fascinating to me for a long time, but never more so than they are right now. There is a huge moral divide. The left wants God out and big government in. The religious right wants to keep God in and big government out, as has been the foundation of our government from its very beginnings. I'm not crazy about McCain. He's too moderate. However, the reason Republicans are so fired up about the ticket now is that Palin is very conservative. We finally see an opportunity for our voice to be heard! Whoo-hoo!

I believe that the more the media continues to try to bash Palin, the stronger she's going to look to more Americans. The Republicans definitely have the momentum and the Democrats are shell-shocked.

Another thing that bothers me is that a lot of Christians seem to like to stand back and let it all happen. We don't speak up about what is going on. We don't talk about the issues that concern us and the world. We don't like to "get involved." I think this is wrong, especially in America, where supposedly the government IS the people, and last time I checked, even "religious" people are included with the people, despite what the elite left might think.

So what do you all think about the election? What issues matter to you? How do you feel about the Palin phenomenon? Are you going to vote? Who will you vote for?

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Waynel said...

Good morning, dear Jackie - love your posts - feel like I'm there in the same room with you. Love and pray for you. . .YES, a resounding "YES" - Sarah has been brought to our world of politics "for such a time as this". We also need to vote Republican so we will have the best chances to see conservative judges appointed to our supreme governing body. . .I heard yesterday that before all the hype that Sarah Palin was profesied over that she would become our Esther. LOVE TO YOU ALL - hold on to your seats - all the states will go Republican in 50 some days!! XXOO Mom