Friday, March 28, 2008

Two new blogs

I've updated my blog roll and added some dear friends who've started new blogs.

Holly's blog Beautiful Ancient Words focuses on Scripture passages. She's got her first post, and it's very thought provoking.

Julia is a long-time homeschool buddy from California days. I think she should look into being a professional humorist. Go see her blog Julia's Inner Monologue and be prepared to laugh right out loud.

Both of these women I've known for ages, but in different eras of my life and world. But, alas, it's a small world, because they've known each other even longer ago. Maybe they each could leave a COMMENT (hint, hint) at this post about how they are related!


Holly said...

Thanks for introducing me to Julia's blog, Jackie! Yeah, when Julia was in middle school she told her friend Barbara about the Lord, and Barbara became a Christian. Then when Barbara was in high school with me, she told me about the Lord. So I like to call Julia my spiritual grandma.

After I read your blog, Julia, I realized I need to lighten up! This morning I reread what I'd submitted last night, and it sounded so pompous. So I changed it a bit. Blogging is harder than I thought. The whole purpose of my blog is to get Scripture in the blogosphere, because many people out there won't read the Bible but they do read blogs. But if I come off as preaching, who's going to read it?

(Is "pompous" a pompous word?)

Jackie said...

Thank you, Holly! I love that story!