Friday, March 14, 2008

First Snow

These pictures were taken January 16, when we had our first snow of the year. We were all SO EXCITED! Up until this season, we had only experienced Georgia's snow flurries, but every five or so years, Georgia gets a nice snow. 2008 proved to be The Year.
The camera can't capture the snow. Just imagine the little flurries coming down just enough to dust the ground with white.
There's Mac joining in the fun.
Kade checks out the action from inside where it's warm.
Kody doesn't understand what all of the excitement is about, but would someone please play with him and his rope!
Our deck -- The Adirondack chairs just don't quite go this season.
Running through the backyard.


Connie said...

I was hoping there were pictures...I miss you all so very much!!!

Jackie said...

Miss you, too! Bring the munchkins and come over during a vacation time some time!