Friday, March 14, 2008

Messies Unite!

Today, the kids and I have the day off from school. It's a teacher work day. Keith has the day off, too, as part of his usual four-day work week. It's been feeling like Saturday all day. Nice to have two Saturdays in a row. We'll need it for the upcoming week with the Easter Pageant and a regular school week.

Keith has Easter week as a vacation week. He had thought to go to California for a few days since he hasn't been for a visit since we moved to Georgia nearly three years ago, but it probably won't work out this time with the Easter Pageant rehearsals starting on Tuesday. We'll see. He may still try to squeeze in a few days early in the week.

This morning, Keith took me for our weekly Cracker Barrel breakfast. We discussed the very important topic of paint schemes. Ever since I painted the kitchen Electric Lime, we've been wrestling with what colors to paint the rest of the house. I think we need counseling. By the time we left the table, we made apologetic smiles to an older couple sitting across from us. I think they were concerned for our marriage.

With this extra day this weekend, I have this silly notion of actually cleaning up my bedroom. It's a huge embarrassment to me. We've got this beautiful house and Keith and I have this beautiful bedroom that non-family members are even allowed to peek into because it is so messy. I don't know if my plan is going very well, though, because it's already 3:30, and I haven't even done a fair job of cleaning up the rest of the house. But that's my problem. I always clean up the general mess before tackling any special jobs.

What it boils down to is that I'm a Messy. I think that in general, Messies like me don't do well in the maintenance department. Messies don't like to clean up something that's just a little messy. We go for the dramatic affect. We like to bedazzle ourselves with a before and after, exchanging one horrible catastrophe of a room to a clean room. But all that gets us is general messes most of the time, the big dramatic clean moment and then the slow downward spiral toward mess again. Am I speaking to fellow Messies' hearts right now? Please tell me that some of you understand!

So I'm off to work again!

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