Friday, March 14, 2008

Conversation with Kade

Kade: Mom, I'm --- " he interrupts himself, "Oh, you know already."

Me: I do?

Kade: Starts with an "H".

Me: You're healthy! That's great, Kade! Give me a big hug!

Kade: No, not that!

Me: Happy! It's good to be happy!

Kade: Mo-om! (Starting to laugh) No, it starts with H - U!

Me: Hurtful. Oh, Kade, did you hurt Konner? You know I don't like for you to be mean to your brother. (That's when I take him and pretend to spank him, he's laughing hysterically by now.)

Kade: No! H - U - , uh, G?

Me: Try "N"

Kade: H - U - N!

Me: You've got a hundred pennies in your room!

Kade: NO!

Me: You like to hunt!

Kade: No, I'm HUNGRY!

Me: Really? I would have never guessed that!

1 comment:

Julia in CA said...

So glad it's not just me that tortures my kids that way. :-)