Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wisteria Lane

I learned about Wisteria yesterday. The flower is a beautiful purple bloom, a vine that attaches to all kinds of things. At springtime, it's not only gorgeous, but it smells divine. Here in Atlanta, spring has finally arrived, with the pollen settling over everything in a big yellow layer, but the weather has been cold and dry and then hot and muggy. Today we had drizzle and now it's back to cold again. Last night, we had the air conditioner on upstairs. I took a jacket to work today while I subbed at the high school. In between classes, I was carrying it because it was too hot, and then, on the way to the parking lot to go home, I was bundling up in it. Weird. This is not California where the weather man just has a glory job.

I spent the beginning of the week cleaning for company. The Kings were expected late afternoon yesterday. The last big job I did was to mop like a mad woman, as if I'd never mopped before . . . Wait a minute, I hadn't mopped before! At least not with a regular mop, just a Swiffer, but sometimes a regular mop is just the ticket . . . Anyway, I mopped and mopped until toward the end all I had were Kody hairs that I simply could not get off of the mop. So the last half hour of mopping, all I did was spread Kody hairs around the floor.

Some days that dog is not on my good list.

The Kings came right after I had mopping and taken a much needed shower. You know it's bad when your seven-year-old boy sees you mopping and comments about how badly you're sweating. Seven-year-olds are usually oblivious to the way mommies look, particularly when mommies are doing housework.

So, of course, I got to bed too late last night, and today our family was at school or work and the King family went off to visit relatives about an hour away. Ginny cooked a crock pot meal that is happily simmering on the counter in, not one, but two crock pots. There's nothing quite as enjoyable as a dinner cooked by someone else! They'll be here through Sunday morning, so I'm cooking the next few meals. We'll have our famous Make Your Own Tacos, which is always a company hit, and then spaghetti, the meal that feeds the masses, considering we are a group of four adults and 11 children!

A few hours later . . . .

My tummy is happily digesting. Ginny made a Chicken Parmesan soupy-cheesy thing. It was very good. We had leftovers, so Ginny so sweetly suggested that maybe some neighbors would like some. I said, "NO! This is OUR food. We are not sharing!" That's how good it was. I'll post the recipe sometime soon.

We have one more day of school and then we'll have spring break. Yippee! Keith will be at work, unfortunately, but the rest of us will be soaking in some free air.

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