Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Adventures at the dentist

As I wrote in my last post, I took Konner to a dentist appointment. This is actually the first dentist we've seen since the last round of visits we made in California about two years ago. I have been dreading The Return to the Dentist.

Guess what! Konner has no cavities. It's rather unbelievable. He got his picture taken and put on the Board of Champions! He's very proud. He also brushed his teeth as soon as he got home from school today. So for another two days at least he should remain cavity free.

While we were at the dentist, I spotted a group of pictures in the examination room (or whatever you call that room with The Chair). In one of the pictures, I recognized the boy from yesterday's substitute teaching adventures that had gone against the crowd and told me about the correct assignment, the one who said that he had to do it because Someone was watching him.

So, I asked the hygienist who was working with Konner, "Who is the boy in that picture."

"Why, that's Max, my son."

"Well, let me tell you about your son!"

"Are you the substitute teacher he had in class yesterday? He told me about you. He said that you really liked him. Tell me what happened!"

She was thrilled to find out how he had conducted himself. She said she got goosebumps. Then I asked her if she and her family were Christians. She said that she was born and raised Catholic but that they rarely went to church. However, just lately they'd been going more, started attending a big Baptist church in the area. As it so happens, around Easter time, her son told her about how he had accepted Christ into his heart and how he had felt tingly all over when he'd done it. Again, she felt those goosebumps and I felt them right along with her. She's got three sons and a husband who does not care for spiritual things, but here her son was making a commitment to God. Obviously it was making an impact because there he was standing for what was right even when going against the grain.

I was so pleased to hear the follow up to Max and I hope to be able to continue hearing more about him. Please pray for this young man as he grows in his faith.


June said...

Dear Lord,
Bless Max for his courage and faith. he is a modern Daniel and I pray that you use him to bring the Good news of your love to his whole family. I pray that the seeds of faith that he is sowing may bloom soon!

Qtpies7 said...

Wow, that is an amazing God thing to run into his mom!