Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Movies galore

I've been in recuperation for the last few days, having said good-bye to the Kings. Since we have spring break, we've been sleeping in and taking it easy. I have a few projects in mind, but can't quite seem to get the gumption to actually start them. Keith is working this week, poor slave boy, so at least someone in the family is doing something.

We've also had a nice round of Netflix movies. We got two DVDs of Christy, the miniseries that was on PAX (Remember Pax?) Those have been fun to watch, except that the writers took way too many liberties with the story line. It would have been such a better venture if they'd just stuck with the story. We also got Enchanted and LOVED it. Funny, funny, funny -- particularly if you've seen a lot of Disney movies, which we have. Highly recommended from this neck of the woods. Then, last night, because we're such Jane Austin fanatics, Keri Lynn, Kathleen and I watched the newest remake of Sense and Sensibility on Masterpiece Theater. (I always feel a little pretentious when I say I've watched Masterpiece Theater.) Anyway, I had to have the remote handy to change channels at a few unnecessarily steamy scenes, but over all it was a nice version of the story.

Anybody have any recommendations for favorite movies? We can get at least one more round of Netflix before the week is out.


Holly said...

I really like "I Am David." Did I recommend that to you before? I can't remember.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Holly!

I got some other email recommendations that I thought I'd put in comments:

Milo and Otis

Nancy Drew

Dan in Real Life

Masterpiece Theater's latest version of Jane Eyre

Becoming Jane

Qtpies7 said...

I love Much Ado About Nothing, but there are a couple of bad scenes in it, too. Over all it is pretty funny.

I recommend going on a date night to see The Bucket List!!! Super, super movie!!!

Loved Enchanted, too.

Jackie said...

My Mom has added two more to the movie list

Pay It Forward

End of the Spear

mom said...

As you can tell I'm having difficulty trying to leave a comment. . .will try again here. I love u

mom said...

Ha, I did it!!!

Holly said...

A couple of things I forgot to mention about "I Am David": it's too intense for younger children, and I think it's best when you really don't know what it's about beforehand. That's the way I saw it.

Thanks for the movie list!

Holly said...

Paul says: Second Hand Lions, The Ultimate Gift, and Men In Black. "That one makes me cry every time."

Pen of Jen said...

Hi Jackie, I just tagged you on penofjen.blogspot.com

Jackie said...

I love all of the suggestions! Thank you, everybody!

Here are more suggestions I got from a friend through email:

Singin' in the Rain (5 stars!)

My Dog Skip

Night at the Museum

National Treasure (both of them)

Amazing Grace (5 huge stars)

Ratatouille (special features are really fun)

The Black Stallion (the original one, not the sequel; this is my personal favorite movie...it is gorgeous!)