Friday, July 13, 2007

The Family Table

We will start our family dining tour in the breakfast room. This table is our pride and joy. Keith got it at an outlet store for $20! He even asked the sales clerk if there might have been some mistake, but he said no, so Keith snapped it up before we even knew for sure where we would put it. As it so happens, I think it fits perfectly in this space. The chairs are bar heighth, and each chair was more than twice as much as the table!

We do MANY MANY things at this table:

1) Eat, of course. You may notice that there are eight chairs and our family consists of nine members. This, however, is not usually a problem, because we have spill-over space to the bar and to the couch. Keith works well past dinner time most weekdays anyway, so dinner is usually as informal as breakfast or lunch.

2) The first hour of the home school day. Here we pray, read from the Bible, memorize scripture, then go on to a group session of history and/or science and a bunch of flashcards. To the right of the picture, on the wall, is a dry erase board to help with lessons.

3) Various art projects. There are several spots along the table that have paint marks, nail polish, nail polish remover, scratches, and the invariable sticky spot from the latest meal.

4) Games. Many a card has flown around that that surface. Many Monopoly games. Many Risk games. And even some poker. (SHHHHH, we're Baptists, we're not supposed to play card games, let alone poker . . . )

5) Pictures. Because this is our home's hot spot, I take a lot of pictures right at this table. If you see the electric lime background, it's here!

Next we come to the bar. This picture shows it overlooking the family room. There are four chairs, and usually five people who want to use the four chairs. Kids often use the bar for a quick snack or for breakfast. When company comes, they like to sit at the bar.

Because we are not the most disciplined family in the world, we watch way too much TV. So the bar allows for eating and watching TV at the same time . . . I know, I know! AND, the sink is on the other side of the chairs, right at the corner of the L, so I can wash dishes and watch TV, too! I love that! It makes washing dishes less mind-numbing. (Not that watching TV is exactly brain food, but you know what I mean.)

The bar is probably my favorite feature of our house. Here, I can invite company to come and sit while I finish preparing a meal or wash a few dishes. It just feels homey.

Here we have the trash can at the end of the bar. We are having the worst time with the trash can as of late. Our dog likes to pull things out of it. We felt that we had outsmarted him by buying the cool trash can with a lid, but he eventually figured out how to nose his way past that barrier. Then, we tried lining the trash can with a huge garden-sized black bag and using the excess liner at the top to cover the lid. This also worked for a while, but Kody eventually figured out how to get past that, too. Now we have to use some kind of weight to cover the dang thing. And still I have tons of trash littering various favorite dog spots. Keva is of no help at all because she likes to take things out of the trash can to give to Kody. It's not just a little irritating. Kody is sinking down in his preferred-status. I don't care how cute he is.

Then there's the dining room. There used to be eight chairs, but two of them broke at their legs -- the furniture is not top of the line. Anyway, we've used the dining room a grand total of maybe eight times in the nearly two years we've been here. It's the one room in the house that stays relatively neat all the time. I never thought in a million years that I'd have a house with a breakfast room AND a dining room. When I want to see what the carpet used to look like in the rest of the house, I go to the dining room and take a nice long breath of relaxation! We haven't finished painting the rest of the house yet, but this room is slated for red paint. My girlfriend bought us a housewarming picture, a drawing of a tower, with scripture reading, "He is my strong tower." I love it.

Go check out Lori's link at Glass Half Full for more posts on the family table. Thank you, Lori, for a fun idea!


Glass Half Full said...

I absolutely love your square table! Someone posted a round table and I commented on how easy it is to have conversations at a table like that. Same with yours!

Our countertop/barstool area is a hot spot when company comes over. No one uses our comfy family rooms couches....they camp out in the kitchen!!!

Thanks for participating.


Jennifer said...

I popped over from Lori's "family table" post. #1 Love the table - I SO need a square table that seats 8! Ours seats six and we have 7. Hmmm.. #2 I am also a homeschool Mom in the Atlanta area. Nice to meet you. I look forward to reading more of your blog. If I can clean the gunk off my table for a picture, I'll post mine. :)
God bless.

MorningSong said...

Such great eating areas!! You have a beautiful home!

Thanks for welcoming us into your dining areas! I've enjoyed my visit!

I am just beginning the homeschool world. My daughter is 4 but I am looking into it now!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,

I know you love comments so I have one for you. WE NEED A NEW TRASH CAN!:-) I love you!(Even when you steal the computer from me!)

Keri Lynn

Elizabeth F. said...

Love the green. I have green in my LR, but it's not as bright, but still very green. People either love it or hate it! LOL!

Love the family table and your blog. Coem on by and see my Family Table if you'd like.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

So many places to eat!! Love the colors!


jennifer said...

How fun! I love reading how normal you are! TV and the dog in the trash!

Thanks for making your blog one of my favorites to read!

A Note From Theresa said...

That was a fun tour though your house, LOVE the green walls.

Michelle said...

What an amazing deal on the square table... I really like it! I also love the bar in my home... it is not used much right now (currently no bar stools), but my kids love to drag chairs to it and stand or kneel it is just a great way to continue doing MOM stuff in the kitchen while being with the family. Blessings!

Brianna said...

My mom is painting our kitchen an Asparigas Green!!!