Monday, July 23, 2007

Keri Lynn's head

Would you all please pray for Keri Lynn.

We saw her off on her mission trip to the Florida Keys on Saturday morning. They drove 10 hours on the church bus to their destination, and that night, Keri Lynn fainted in the hot muggy bathroom and hit her head. Since then, she's been showing signs of concussion.

There are three things that bring anxiety to this mother's heart. One is high fever, another is spurting blood and the other is brain injury. I can deal pretty well with just about anything else. When Konner cut his head a few months ago, I told him to go ahead and play some more, we'd go and get his stitches a little later, knowing that he was fine. However, this business with Keri Lynn sounds a tad more serious.

Upon communication with the leaders of the mission trip, we decided to wait out the day to see how she was doing, and it appeared that she was better. On the trip are the youth pastor and his wife, the executive pastor and his wife, another parent, and the driver. Everyone's been keeping an eye on her. She rested all of Sunday, but was still feeling nauseated by the end of the day. Today, Monday, she's still nauseated all though feeling a little better. That's not good enough for me. By now, she should be pretty much up to snuff, but she's not. So two of the leaders are taking her to a nearby medical facility that 1) accepts our insurance and 2) has scanning equipment. I will feel much better once the doctor takes a look inside that noggin of hers.

The two leaders that are taking her are the executive pastor and his wife. He was just recently involved in that horrible accident involving the mission team in Honduras. He himself suffered a bad head injury and came home with his head shaved on one side and stitched all the way up his head. Poor guy! So I find it kind of humorous that he's the one driving Keri Lynn to the hospital for her head trauma.

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