Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 231st, America!

On our way to the Fourth of July Parade. The route goes right by our church, so we parked in the church parking lot and walked down the road to find ourselves a spot.

Keri Lynn gets into the spirit of the day with what Kylie called "Thing One" and "Thing Two."

Keith wore his John Deere shirt and patriotic suspenders.

Kristofer wore his USA shirt and silly glasses. He perched on his chair and stared at people as they drove by.

Walking to our parade spot, Kristofer was helping Keva. I love seeing these moments.

While we waited for the parade to start, the girls broke out our newest game craze -- Mancala.

Konner was so excited about this year's festivities. He saved his very own bag for the candy that gets passed out from various vendors and organizations involved in the parade.

Everyone loves a parade! And there's nothing like a small town parade!

The temperature was simply perfect, mild warm weather, low humidity. But beware of those nasty little ants!

Here's the tri-high school band. One of our neighbors, a buddy of Kristofer's, played in it. They were very good. The color guard in front also took part in the opening ceremonies for the fireworks.

In case you can't read what this sign says from R.S. Mann Jewelers, "Now, if she said she wanted an engagement TRUCK, you wouldn't hesitate would you?!"

The next five pictures pan around the fields at Newnan High School where people started to gather for the fireworks after the parade.

Kathleen gets comfortable at our spot. We found a great place perched at the top of an embankment.

Keri Lynn took Keva around to the various jumpers, slides and activities taking place at the football field. She was so tired afterwards, that she sat contently, flag held firmly in hand, and watched everything from her seat.

The rest of the kids ran around the fields playing with friends that showed up from church and going to the jumpers. Keith talked to a few people that we knew, but I stayed at my chair and soaked it all in. It was so nice to just sit and watch and rest. We had our ice chest at the ready with 24 water bottles, of which all but four were consumed, as well as a dozen or so bologna sandwiches and a box of Ritz crackers. No fuss; no muss.

Thank You, God, for our country!

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jennifer said...

I love this post! I missed a hs band in our parade!

As to Mancala! We are mancala fools!!! So risk and mancala!

I love the patriotic clothes, the loving helpers for Keva and everything, you are so right God bless America, and families like yours!