Saturday, July 21, 2007

Snaps from California

Rich, Mom and me at Mom's work right before we hopped the plane to go back home.

In Mom's cubicle was a picture of Kristofer that he had emailed to her. He guffawed when he saw it! "She actually printed it!" He thinks he looks really goofy in that picture!

Cousins: Kristofer and Keri Lynn with my sister Beth's girls -- Danielle, Christine and Darlene.

I took a bunch of pictures of Beth's girls and couldn't pick just one -- they were so cute!

There's Beth in the middle.

And again. "Say 'Pepperoni pizza'!"
I was sorry not to get Connie and her kids in these pictures. I didn't think to get my camera out until the day that we left. Send me some pictures, Connie, and I'll post them!


A Note From Theresa said...

Good pictures, looks like you all was having fun.

jennifer said...

Fun in the summer! Yeah