Wednesday, June 20, 2007

To Keith on Father's Day

What I love about you . . .

How seriously hard you worked helping me BREATH through labor.

How your big capable hands held each precious baby, and how you looked at each one through bleary eyes that were both exhausted and emotional.

How you make sure the kids respect me.

How we're a team.

How you work so hard for us.

How you take all seven kids on trips to the park, the mall, Home Depot (Oh, yes, they LOVE that one!) just so that I can have some time to my self.

How you can send the kids off to clean their rooms and they do it!

How you remind me that some of the kids just may be old enough to do their own laundry!

How you show the boys what it means to be a man and how you show the girls what to look for in a man.

How you stay up talking with Keri Lynn until way past both of your bedtimes.

How when we go out together, just you and me, alone, that our favorite topic is our children.

How careful you are about what the kids put before their eyes.

How you become a big sop whenever military planes fly over.

How you take out those nasty splinters.

How you are the King of Silly Jokes.

How you admire your own father for reading to his family the Bible and for the way he got down on his knees. (Thank you, Stan -- with all my heart!)

How you lead us in song and prayer each night before bed.

How you love me.


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jennifer said...

So romantic! I love this post!