Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Get on the VBS bus!

I'm seriously rethinking the Vonage approach to phone service. And it's not Vonage's fault that we're having trouble with it. It's our Internet connection service that's causing all the trouble. Once again, we lost service for Internet and therefore, since our phone service is connected through the cable, we lost our phone service. It wasn't too terribly long, but there's something a little worrisome about not being connected by phone or Internet. Truthfully, I don't mind the phone being out so much since I don't tend to use the phone much, but when I can't get to my email?!? When I can't post on my blog?!? Someone's going to get hurt!

But (here she takes a deep breath and resumes normal tones), now I'm back and ready to pound the keyboard again.

This week is VBS. Our second year of VBS here in the South. VBS in the South is an entirely different beast than it is on the West Coast. Entirely different beast. Four hours a day, for five days, with lots of energy and lots of kids. VBS is very big.

On Monday morning, I squeezed 13 of us into the van: Me (the chauffeur), my seven kids, four neighbor kids and one youth pastor's daughter. (Youth pastor and family have moved in down the street and we've already started a great carpooling system.) Anyway, several younger kids double-buckled and I just decided that since I haven't been pulled over by a policeman yet, I was just going to take my chances and head off with my whole crew to VBS! Whoo-hoo!

Everyone had a great time and everyone needed a NAP by the time we made it back home. Poor Konner fell asleep on the couch with a headache before he even got to eat his lunch, he was so exhausted. That might showcase the high energy that is VBS.

I am a helper for the 3-year-old class this year. They are so cute. Since I'm not one of their regular teachers for Sunday School, they weren't too sure about me at first, but we're getting to know each other. One of the kids looks so much like my niece Lola that I keep giving her a double-take to make sure it's not her. When Miss Beth does the Bible story, they always answer each of her questions with the same answer: "Jesus!" And I have to say that they're right 90% of the time. : )

Keri Lynn helps with the 4-year-old class. Kristofer helps in the sound booth for worship rallies. Keva has her own team of helpers again this year. Today, Miss Connie was taking her around to the various activities and Keva was having a ball. (She's napping in her room as I type this.) The rest of the kids are part of the VBS program. This is Kathleen's last year as a "kid". She's already anticipating being a helper for next year.

Keri Lynn is into a very busy phase of her summer. This week, she's helping in VBS, then she babysits for about four hours each afternoon for a neighbor at the end of our cul-de-sac. She's also preparing to go to choir tour starting Sunday. They'll be gone eight days to Washington D.C. So we're finishing up those last minute important details -- like finding one more pair of khaki shorts, stocking up on travel snacks, etc. Then, next month, is the missions trip to the Florida Keys. She's going to be seeing a lot of the country and I'm excited for her opportunities.


jennifer said...

It sounds like VBS is 'VERY BIG SUCCESS' although tiring!

I love that you sound so busy!

And I am glad you are back!

Oz said...

Let me know how things are going.