Friday, June 29, 2007

My 200th Post!

Now coming out of my sinus headache.


I hate being sick.

I started getting the sniffles over the weekend and by Monday morning, I had a raging sinus headache. Because I'm controlling hypertension with medication, I can't take any of those wonderful drugs that knock colds flat. I can take antihistamine and Tylenol. Which I did. Frequently. But to no avail.

Instead, for days, I just sat on the couch in a semi-reclining position holding my head and telling kids and dog to quiet down because "Mommy's got a headache!!!"

By Wednesday, I decided I needed to either get to the doctor or get better drugs at the pharmacy. A nice pharmacist came out from behind the counter, Kleenex at her own nose, and went over drug options with me. "Well," she said,"You could take this," and she pointed out a nice box costing $10, "Or you could take a medicine I have in the back that is basically antihistamine and Tylenol."

"Uh, but that's what I'm taking,"

"Well, then, I wouldn't buy it. You already have all the drugs you need."

"Do you suppose the antihistamine is drying me out?"

"That could very well be," she said, as she blew her nose,"Try this," and points to another $10 box of Mucinex.

"I have children's Mucinex at home. Can I take a bunch of those?"

She said I could and even took the time to figure out how many milligrams of the stuff I'd need to help me out. That night, I swigged four packets of bubblegum flavored granules of Mucinex -- and once that bubblegum flavor is gone that stuff is NASTY! But it was well worth it. By Thursday morning, I at last woke up with a nearly painless head, blessing the pharmacist and blessing God for allowing me to live another day.

I've avoided all antihistamine since and been blowing out all kinds of interesting material out of my nose ever since. (Aren't you glad to have read this fascinating account to this point?)

When my cold started, the on-line services were cut again. I didn't think we were behind on our payment, but I dragged my sorry self over to the bill pile and saw that we were indeed late and assumed that we'd been cut off for that. Did I remember that the same thing had happened last month, but we hadn't actually been cut off? Yeah, I remembered vaguely, through painful head-throbbing haze. Did I remember that our phone service was then lost for that amount of time? Oh, yeah, I did, but frankly didn't care because my head hurt too much to talk to anyone in the house let alone on the phone. Did I remember that last month, Kristofer, on a whim, decided to plug and unplug the Internet service and that suddenly we were on-line once more? Nope, didn't remember that at all. My head hurt too much.

Fast forward to today, where my head definitely feels more its actual size. A mild head ache, but I'm still blowing interesting chunks from my nose and thus not getting to the point where my head is about to explode. Feeling, in fact, like actually doing something in my life, like trying to get the Internet back without having to be on hold to our provider on the cell phone. Two minutes later . . . Internet service is back and so is our phone service. I am an amazing techno-wizard. : )

Tomorrow, I may resume stories of what's been going on with us, as soon as everyone is accounted for. I did have seven kids, right?

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jennifer said...

Sorry to read of the sinus issues!!
But 200th post***!!!

I love your humor, I think I had seven kids!!!!
Have a safe 4th