Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Bash

We were finishing the last of the clean-up when I walk down the hall and find this sight: Cinderella with her broom.

Five princesses. Aren't they just lovely! Kristen, Melanie, Keri Lynn, Melanie and Caitlyn.

Here they are outside before going to see the movie.

The Chauffeur with the birthday girl. He was such a great driver! Friendly, sweet, handsome!

So handsome, I had to take another picture. : )

A look inside the Johnson Limousine Service.

There they go! Have fun! Don't eat too much popcorn. (Ooops, forgot that last bit of advice!)

Dinner is about to be served. "The house special today is spaghetti with meat sauce. You may also choose an imported special, a chicken rice dish."

Smile, Keri Lynn! You're sixteen!

The rest of us commoners joined in to sing "Happy Birthday!"


1 comment:

jennifer said...

Happy Sweet Sixteen! Great photos!

How fun was this *sigh* emotional to think you have a beautiful growing up young lady!

But wow she is beautiful!

Looks like lots of fun!