Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Keva give Two Thumbs Up

Here's Keva. I came out to the living room after cleaning up from giving Keva a bath, and I heard this outrageous giggling. She was watching Teletubbies and gave it Two Thumbs Up!

"You are not taking ANOTHER picture for your blog, are you Mom?!? Pe-leeze!"

And here is Keva with her new fettish, chewing a sock. This time it's a clean sock, but usually it's not. It doesn't help that brothers like to leave their socks and shoes laying around. But for Keva, it's got to be a lot of fun because she does it ALL THE TIME. And what better way to enjoy Teletubbies, really, then with a disgusting sock.


jennifer said...

Well it is good to read that I am not alone. I can never, I mean never teach any male in my house proper sock etiquette!

Keva, if this gets the boys to pick up after themselves let me know, then maybe I'll join you on the socks!!!:)

Jackie forgive me for not stopping by for awhile, Bill's health has been going up and down, and I have been busy trying to work:)

I love coming over, please keep me up on the post. Your blog and family life are so neat and normal! Thanks

Jackie said...

Jennifer! "Neat and normal"? Those are words to put on a plaque in the living room! I wish! Anyway, sorry to hear about Bill's health. Always good to hear from you, my friend.