Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Aftermath

The party's over. Mother's Day has gone by. I've enjoyed cards, homemade flowers, a massage from Kathleen, hugs and kisses, and now it is time to face to music. I've spent all morning with dishes, pots/pans, laundry and sweeping in the aftermath of maternal celebrations. Now that I'm somewhat assured that the house is looking respectable again, I'm at the computer.

The weekend was relaxing. The kids were great for Mother's Day. I got to sleep in while the older ones got ready for church, made breakfast, changed and dressed Keva and made sure the little boys didn't look like orphans. Keith was combing down little boys' hair when I made my appearance. Kids were playing a match game in the family room because everyone was ready to go to church. We even had time for a few pictures to commemorate this most wonderful day.
I made it clear last week, delicately but firmly, that I didn't want breakfast in bed. I don't like to think of crumbs making their way to sheets and pillows. So, my favorite egg casserole was waiting for me in the kitchen. Yum.

Then, we all went to church. Kristofer was super excited about being asked to help with the cameras in the worship service. The service is always filmed and shown a week later on our local channel, and since Kristofer's been doing such a great job with the tech work for the youth group, he was asked to help with the cameras. I think he'll do his Grandpa Stan proud since Grandpa Stan is the original church tech guy.

After church, Keith swung by to get me a very delicious Hardee burger. Everyone else ate the usual Sunday lunch fare -- sandwiches, top ramen, etc. -- but I got to eat a double patty bacon burger. It was scrumptious. And I only had to give a few bites away -- one to Keith, two to Kade and one to Konner. (Not that I was possessive of it or anything.)

I cooked a couple of whole chickens for dinner that night for the rest of the family while Keri Lynn and I went off to our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Charro, for a dinner, just the two of us. It had been a while since we'd gone out to eat, so it was a wonderful treat.

Today, I'm dealing with the consequences of eating Mexican for dinner. Even thought I took home 3/4 of my meal, I still slept fitfully. I may have to sneak a nap in this afternoon to get back on track. It was worth it, though!

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jennifer said...

I am sorry that I did not get to post Mother's Day wishes. I am so happy to read that all went well.
I have more vacation photos on my
Thanks for 'traveling' along with us:)