Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Home Economics Field Trip

I'm going to make this quick because I've got to post pictures on the blog and then get on to some paperwork and laundry before we head off to Wednesday night activities.

Yesterday, Keri Lynn and Kristofer both pounced on me and said that I had to take them shopping. Kristofer decided that he wanted to spend his money that he had earned on some kind of electronic pet that he'd seen at Target. Keri Lynn said that she wanted to look for a formal dress for her Sweet Sixteen party coming up in (gasp!) less than a month! Must. Find. Dress. Now.

So, we all piled into the van this morning and made the rounds. Most of the stops were for Keri Lynn as we needed to check thrift shops and J.C. Penney. We found the perfect dress for her upcoming Cinderella experience. I got a little taste of what it might be to go looking for a wedding dress someday. (Sweet sigh!)

Anyway, since prom season has passed, J.C. Penney had all formal wear on sale! The dress was originally $160 marked down to $84.99, and that got marked down to $74.99 because of a small run in the back. Since we got such a great deal, we went off to get the appropriate underclothes and shoes to go with the dress. We also looked at wraps. Then we went to go drool at the tiaras at Michaels. Alas, the tiaras went over our price range, but there is still a little less than a month for Keri Lynn to rake in that much more babysitting money. Keri Lynn is very pleased with her finds and she truly does look like a princess.

Kristofer got his electronic pet that he has since been happily caring for. He, however, does not look like a princess, especially since hanging around J.C. Penney for hours on end is not his favorite thing to do. We did happen to see a John Deere Monopoly game there that would be PERFECT for Father's Day.

Several people wanted to know why the kids were out of school. I never was asked that in California where there is such a diversity of school schedules and a bigger homeschool contingency. I answered that we homeschool and that today was a home economics field trip. : )

Halfway through our shopping excursion, we stopped by Taco Bell and had lunch. This was a special treat as we have been cutting back a lot on eating out. I have to interject here about the 7-Layer Crunchwrap at Taco Bell. That 7-Layer Crunchwrap is seven layers of heaven. Absolutely yummy. Keri Lynn, Kathleen and I each had one. I love just about anything with those tortilla strips in them. Mmmmmm-mmmmmm.

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