Monday, May 07, 2007

Go with God, Alese

I've been checking Alese Coco's site off and on all day today, and got the sad news (at least sad on this side of life) that she died this afternoon. Her parents and sister were at her bedside. Please go to her website to read about her life at She has definitely touched this life all the way across the country.

Here's the deal, though, for Alese. SHE, at least, isn't sad. She's in the very presence of God. She gets to see Him face to face. He is wiping the tears from her eyes. And she is doing what anyone would who's in the presence of God -- she is worshiping at His feet and praising His name.

So join me in prayer for her sweet family as they mourn the loss of daughter and sister. Go with God, Alese.

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