Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Plodding

Because Wednesdays are our busiest day of the week, Thursdays are usually plodding. This morning, Kathleen came out in a panic saying that she'd left her purse at the playground at church. Normally, I would have just called and had someone keep it for us, but it had Kathleen's CD and script from a church play she's in next week. So, off we went, Kathleen and Kade -- who was the only other kid awake -- to bring back Kathleen's purse. Thankfully it was right where she'd left it. So now we're home and trying to get back into our regular routine.

Then, Keri Lynn tells me that we HAVE to go to the library this morning rather than this afternoon because she's babysitting this afternoon. She can't not have a pile of books to read. (Don't know where she gets THAT from.) So I guess we'll be going in a few minutes to the library.

Keri Lynn continues to make money hand over fist as World's Best Babysitter. Or at least World's Best Babysitter at Maple Creek. Keith and I were chatting to one of our new neighbors, and it went something like this.

Neighbor: So, you have seven kids, right?

Us: Yep.

Neighbor: Tell me, how old are they?

(I'm already guessing where this is going, because I know he and his wife have a three-year-old and a baby.)

Us: 6 to 15, almost 16.

Neighbor: Is the oldest a boy or a girl?

(Yep, I'm right. He's fishing for a babysitter.)

Us: A girl.

Neighbor: Um, does she, by any chance, um . . . babysit?"

(Hope gleams in his eye. Desperation, maybe. I've seen it all too many times.)

Us: Why, yes. She already babysits for four other families in the neighborhood. She's very good and mature for her age.

Neighbor: (Face relaxes) Oh, that's good . . .

(And then we go on to talk about jobs and lawns and the Homeowners Association.)

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