Sunday, March 29, 2009

The GACE/Laundry connection

I made the big push and took the GACE Special Ed. Academic Content Test yesterday. Four hours -- 120 multiple choice questions and four essays. One of the four essays I had absolutely no clue about and will suffer for it. I took a stab at it, but looked up the information afterward and wasn't even close. I wouldn't be as upset about it if I hadn't studied everything ELSE on that particular topic -- GRRRRRR! Other than the essay, everything else was pretty much typical GACE test. I've become somewhat of an expert by now, having taken the two other tests. As for how I did? Who knows! I didn't expect to pass the other two and I feel the same way about this round, especially Part 1 where I had essay diarrhea of the pen.

A gigantic casualty of GACE has been my laundry room. I'm pretty sure it's dead. Smothered to death by dirty laundry. I turn on the lights in that room, and all I hear are crickets. So today, in an effort to raise a laundry room from the dead, I've begun excavating dirty clothes from the floor and adjacent hallway. A pathway has at last been cleared and I've done about five loads of laundry so far. Kids now have pants and shirts to wear to school tomorrow. Still no underwear, but the day is not done. I had to stay home from church to accomplish this. I couldn't bring myself to do several loads of emergency laundry last night, so I played Ms. Pathetic, and let Keith take the kids who could find clean clothes off to church today. I slept in a little, made breakfast, started the first load, cleaned up in the kitchen and have been filling the ravenous washing machine and dryer ever since.

The Kings made a stop-over on Friday night on one of their grand driving expeditions. It's their spring break. They will travel thousands of miles in the next week visiting friends and family. We were their first stop on the way north from Florida. They've come often enough that their kids all know the drill. They bring their sleeping bags and pillows and set up their stuff, then all of the boys go and play video games for as long as we'll let them, and the girls go into their room and play music real loud and do a lot of laughing and giggling. This time, Keith and Kerry went off to see a movie and Ginny and I hung out and talked while I made dinner. We had Make Your Own Tacos -- a Johnson tradition. Yum!

On Thursday (I realize I'm going backwards on my reports!), Keith went on a whirlwind trip to California. He left our house at about 5:00 in the morning, got on the plane, met his Dad at LAX. Together they headed off to Norwalk to fix the three birth certificates that are not actually official birth certificates. They are abstract birth certificates, even though it says "Official Government Document" on them. Keith then had Yoshinoya with his Dad and then hopped a plane once again to come on home, making it through the door here at about 11:00 the same evening. Pretty efficient! Hopefully, now that we've got the birth certificates fixed, we'll be able to get the passports back in time for the upcoming Mexico/Japan trips.

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