Sunday, March 22, 2009

Butterscotch Brownies cooked just a little too long


Qtpies7 said...

Oh my word, those are some DONE brownies!

Jackie said...

Butterscotch brownies should be light brown, but mine looked like chocolate brownies. The funny thing is that they taste really good! They are just hard as rocks! Literally!

Holly said...

I like Keith's creative cutting method!

June Bostick said...

I think if you had put the whole thing in a bag w/ a wet sponge and left it over night it might have softened a bit. I know what you mean about yummy, though. Thank God for milk.

As to the Leading of God I will pray for that. It is interesting to see how He leads one into new areas that one wasn't planning on doing. i am sure David thought he would be a shepherd the rest of his life.

Please tell Keith to call as we did not see him when you came en mass.

Connie said...

I check two things on the web when I get on, about once a week, my e-mail and your blog but now I will have to check Danny's blog too. Oh my wonderfully advice family!!! I love you guys and I would totally eat the brownies too!

Brianna R- said...

Hi Mrs. Johnson!

How is everything out in Georgia? Hope to see you all soon!


p.s. Here is a REALLY good website: