Sunday, March 01, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

It's snowing! So pretty! I wish I could capture the snow flakes coming down with my camera, but I've already taken plenty of pictures out the front door and the deck. It's still coming down steadily as I type.

Yesterday, I finally had a normal healthy day, pretty much. Which was a good thing, because my friend Ginny came through and spent the night last night. She was supposed to be coming back from visiting with her family, having gone there to bury her father and spend time with her mother. Her husband and kids had already driven back to Florida, so she used a buddy pass to get back from Oklahoma. Except last night, expectantly of course, 500 flights were canceled coming in through Atlanta due to snow. She was not going to be able to get on a connecting flight for another day at the very least, probably not until Tuesday. so Keith drove her and met up with her husband at the halfway point, and they are now driving on home.

Keith is maybe making a tiny stop at the Alabama/Georgia border to get one or two or a hundred fireworks for Fourth of July. My very own firebug. They got snow driving down, but the further south they got, the snow started to go away. But Keith will be getting plenty of snow coming back up again.

I decided to stay home from church today to make sure my recuperation is complete for tomorrow, but now I'm wondering if we'll have school tomorrow at all. It's supposed to be sunny, so I imagine the snow will be gone tomorrow, but forecasters were saying that the snow was probably going to melt when it fell, which it's not. It looks like Winter Wonderland right now. I dropped off Keri Lynn and Kathleen at church because their choirs were being bussed to another church to sing. Kristofer is home feeling very pathetic with probably the same bug I had. Poor thing. The rest of the kids kept dashing outside to play in the snow, until I told them to stay in because we also have thunder and lighting to go with it. Odd combination!

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