Monday, March 09, 2009

Lovely daffodils

Last Monday, our county closed all of the schools because of snow. Snowmen stayed up for several days. Snow stayed on the ground clear into Wednesday and Thursday in the shady areas.

Today, we turned on our AC when we got home. Temps were up into the late 70's. Hello, Spring! Glad your coming! Trees have started to bloom. White ones. A few pink ones. And, of course, the daffodils have been around for several weeks. I love daffodils.

Keith had his day off today, but he spent most of it taking his friend, Carol, his friend who he used to work with who has cancer, around to her doctor appointments. He had to run back quickly, though, to pick up Keva who had started throwing up at school.


And, sadly, I'm not upset that Keva is sick, per se. She actually seems to be doing pretty good. She ate a good dinner tonight. She's sleeping comfortably.

I'm just thinking of the possibilities that follow when one child starts vomiting. Soon it becomes a plethora of vomiting. Vomiting fountains of throw-up. Which means laundry. Possible time away from work. Doctors. Steam cleaners. And fun stuff like that.

We've already doing the coughing/fever/chills thing. In fact, I figured that we were doing pretty good with our sick selves. Missing church a few weeks. A couple of kids home from school at a time. And no vomiting!

So we'll just have to wait and see if Keva is a special case. Maybe it was something she ate, like the wood chips next to the fireplace, or the dog food.

Fun times.

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