Saturday, April 04, 2009

Some of these are true!

Just for fun, Google your first name, "_______ needs" and write down the first 20 things that come up. I googled "Jackie needs" and got these . . .

1) Jackie needs help does not have any contacts at this time.

2) Jackie needs a dose of real-world reality.

3) Jackie needs a Drink Birthday.

4) Jackie needs a Friend.

5) Jackie needs a reality check!

6) Jackie needs a loving home.

7) Jackie needs you.

8) Jackie needs to get a personality.

9) Jackie needs a boyfriend.

10) Jackie needs a Red Bull.

11) Jackie needs rescuing, but I took pictures instead.

12) Jackie needs a running friend . . . Jackie is available and loves to run and play!

13) Jackie needs 1,000 visitors by day's end.

14) Jackie needs boost.

15) A special plea: Jackie needs our help!

16) Jackie needs attention!

17) Jackie says that she doesn’t know boundaries, but Briana points out that Jackie needs to also start taking responsibilities for her own ...

18) Why Jackie Needs YOUR Help. On October first of 2004 Jackie fell at work at Wal-Mart, over a dust mop someone left laying in an aisle. ...

19) Jackie needs a home environment that can provide her abundant structure, predictability and security.

20) Jackie's grandfather(Fredrick)has been kidnapped and Jackie needs to get him back.

So there you have it!


Renee said...


Constance said...

Okay I will do my first two ----

Constance needs a spanking

Constance needs parental consent