Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring, O Spring, wherefore art thou, Spring?!?

The kids and I are enjoying a relaxing spring break this week. I've got a hundred things that I'd like to do, but as the week marches on, I'm having to mix a little reality into my wish list.

Yesterday, I took Kathleen and Kylie out for a little girl time. We went out to lunch at El Charro, mostly to satisfy my need for some fajita nachos. Then we went in search of bags from three local grocery stores for Kylie's science project. We are doing an experiment on which bag is strongest: Publix, Kroger or Wal-Mart. (I will not take the time at this moment to complain about school work that requires more parental involvement than student involvement. No, I won't.) While at Wal-Mart, we got Kylie a tri-fold and a notebook for her science project, and Kathleen got some stuff for her 13th birthday party coming on this Friday.

While we were out and about, Keith took Keri Lynn to about 100 different electronics stores looking for the perfect college laptop. They found one for a very good price, along with a printer for an even better price, and a few other "necessary" gadgets to go with it. We think of it as a little celebration of Keri Lynn's acceptance to Georgia College and State University (to be referred to as GCSU from now on because it's a mouthful.) We're very proud of her. She's itching to get started in her new college life with only seven weeks of high school left.

The biggest factor in choosing her school was that it has an excellent Christian base of students. We've heard better things coming out of that student body than we've heard from the myriad of Christian colleges here in Georgia despite it being a secular liberal arts college. So be praying, if you are a prayer, that God will continue to keep His hand on her, that she will continue listening to His voice. These are exciting times and we are enjoying watching her fly!

Today, I took the boys out. We had a huge debate about where we should go for lunch. Kade really wanted Chick-fil-A, and apparently so did his imaginary friend Bob, but Kristofer and Konner wanted to go to a little Chinese place where they charge a dollar per scoop. So even though the vote was two to two, we went with Chinese. (I'm still suffering from that choice, but that's another matter.) Then, we went to Game Stop to use the balance of Kristofer's credit on his Game Stop card. He's still playing his game as I type.

I really need to get going on paying some bills and doing a little clean-up because Kathleen's party looms, but it's so much more fun to play on the computer then it is to dust and vacuum!

I was going to take all the kids to the park for a little fresh air today, but the temperature has been hovering around 40. Um, so NO! We'll stay inside, thankyouverymuch. We even had some snow flurries. Brrrrrrrr! What happened to spring? I'd even be willing to brave the pollen again for a little warmth! I've been having a time with allergy medications as I try to find what works for me. I tried Zyrtec, but that stuff made me feel like the lead role in Night of the Living Dead. I could not keep my eyes open -- not such a good thing when driving. Now I've got my hot little hands on some Allegra, so I'll see how that works. Drugs are good!

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