Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What's on the menu

It was a fairly successful day at Target on Tuesday. I only worked five hours, but I signed up two people for Target credit cards. If one is to be a Target employee, a very big deal is made of getting "Red Cards". So even though my register speed is not up to snuff yet, the powers that be are still very happy with my work.

After work, I dropped by Ross to pick up my very first paycheck -- $146.23. While not exactly enough to go off and buy diamonds yet, it's still very nice to see some money at last. That was TWO weeks worth of part-time work at Ross. I'm still aiming for, at the very least, $250 a week. So, I'm still "a little" off my mark. But it's better than nothing, that's for sure, and the Lord continues to bless us with unexpected gifts from others. We are overwhelmed with such amazing kindnesses.

On Sunday, we got a anonymous gift from someone at church for $250 to our grocery store. The timing couldn't have been better; we had not been certain how exactly we were going to afford a Thanksgiving meal. However, as is God's way of keeping tabs on the tiniest details of our lives, I went off to Kroger and got a 24 pound turkey and all the trimmings, without a worry for the cost. This year is a time to be even more thankful than usual for His constant provision.

Today is Wednesday, my day off from all work. And, of course, I'll be off tomorrow as well. The girls had a friend over for a sleep-over and Kristofer had a buddy over for a sleep-over, as well. So this morning found me busy making a bunch of one-egg omelets for the group. I was especially tickled about Kristofer and James as they came down to eat. They could have easily eaten up the whole house, if given the opportunity, but as it stands now, I made those guys two-egg omelets!

Tomorrow, I'll put the turkey in the oven mid morning and we'll probably sit down at about 2:00 to eat. We're hoping to have Keith's friend Carol, who he's been helping get back and forth from chemo treatments, and maybe her daughter if she's in town, to come have Thanksgiving dinner with us. Otherwise, it will be just us. However, one of the great things about a big family, is that we never feel alone!

Our family tradition for Thanksgiving dinner varies from one side of the family to another, but for just our immediate family, we have a certain menu that we follow for Thanksgiving that I'm going to share, but only because I'm interested in what you all have for your Thanksgiving . . .

Turkey (of course) -- I always cook it in a bag
Mashed potatoes (Keith loves them mashed, not whipped)
Gravy (and lots of it)
Stuffing (I never bother putting it in the bird)
Green Bean Casserole (with extra of those yummy dried onions)
Candied yams
Jellied Cranberries
My Mom's yeast rolls (except I bought yeast rolls this year for time's sake)
Jello Salad (Jello, Cool-whip, cottage cheese and pineapple pieces mixed and chilled)
Olives and sweet pickles
Pumpkin pie and whatever other pies look yummy -- this year CHOCOLATE silk pie

What do you eat for Thanksgiving?

And, what are you especially thankful for this year?


Anonymous said...

Jackie, this year I will be making the entire meal, except for the pumpkin pies, those my mother has already made as she get up at the crack of dawn and gets down to business on Wednesday morn'. My son Mike will be coming over at 11 am today. We will make the stuffing together, (it will go into the turkey, and some will stay as there is no room), It has ground beef, italian sausage, salami, bread crumbs, romano cheese, onions, celery and tomato. It is the favorite thing to eat and is gone quite fast. I am making green bean casserole with french onions (everybody loves it). Mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, gravy, salad, rolls (homemade). Mom is making the cranberries and the pies. Did I mention the pies?! I am putting the turkey in the brine this a.m.. I have to go and get the rum so soak it in. It is a Martha Stewart recipe.

Have a wonderful time with your family and please give hugs and kisses to all.

Maria, Mike, and family

Qtpies7 said...

We have a tradition over here, we always forget one important food. One year it was the cranberries and one year it was even the stuffing! This year it was the most important, the lefse.
Donnie deep fried a turkey (that we got free from the grocery store!) and I made semi-whipped potatos with chive cream cheese in them, and stuffing out of the bird, cranberries that my mil made, green bean casserole, sweet potatos with marshmellows, corn, brown and serve rolls, deviled eggs, olives, and lots and lots of pies. Pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, pecan pie and rhubarb/raspberry pie!

I don't take the time anymore, but I used to make a large cornucopia for the center piece out of bread and fill it with fruit shaped rolls. I am just too lazy now. (or maybe it is having 7 kids and I just don't have the time?)

Mary Blaustone said...

I stumbled upon your blog as I saw on your profile you like Francine Rivers. From me, a fairly new blogger, to you, one who has obviously been doing this for a while...I enjoy your posts and sweet style of writing. I look forward to stopping by again.

Mary Blaustone

Oh ya, I made so much Green Bean Casserole this Thanksgiving, we couldn't get rid of the leftovers. And this is the first year in a long time that I actually had someone else make the turkey