Tuesday, November 06, 2007

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Who do you want for President? This inquiring mind wants to know . . .

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jennifer said...

Well you have written lots for me to peruse, but I will answer this first.

I am very conservative. I know that none in politics can or will remove the stain of abortion.

But I will stick with the political party that will keep this nation from another attack. I will support a candidate that is ruthless in the notion that NOT HERE, NEVER AGAIN.

I will not support a political party that not only sanctions the murder of our own citizens but has the support of the lobbyist that perform this evil act.

I will not support a candidate that may say they love this land but their actions show different. Going to other countries and trash talking the US is one example(John Kerry..Edwards)

So who would my ideal candidate be??Duncan Hunter.

Sorry to run on.